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Severe Nausea


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Hi guys,

Dealing with my horrible stomach lately, just curious if I should even mention this to my neuro..?? Has anyone gotten help from their neuro for this?


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I had been dealing with horrible nausea for months and finally mentioned it to my neuro. He told me to find a gastro back home to see what's up and he would refer me if need be (I have an insurance where usually i can self refer)

He especially wanted to see if it was caused by my neuropathy or because of my previous history of ulcers if all of the new meds were flaring them up, or if it is a combination of the two.

S, Like other have said I think it is a good idea to mention it, it may help to give him the big picture of all of your symptoms.


P.S. I had the EGD on Monday (doc says where my stomach and small intestine meet is hamburger...pretty right?:wub: and I have the gastric emptying study today...will keep you posted.

Good luck Friday Jacquie!

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