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Weird Chest Sensation


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Often when I'm half asleep, I feel this weird sensation in my chest- instead of a regular heartbeat, it feels like a rollercoster sensation in my chest. It doesn't happen so much in the day. My doc said this sounded like a pvc. My ekg, echo, stress echo, and event recorder have only ever shown tachycardia, but at a normal sinus rhythm. Medwise, I take benadryl, singulair, zyrtec, allegra, and pepcid. sound familiar? Ideas?


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I wish I could say that I didn't know what you were talking about, but then I'd be lying! It's such a weird feeling to try to describe to others who don't have a clue as to what I'm trying to say...........I've been having more and more episodes lately where I'm having this strangeness happen too........... it's probably time to tell my doctor, isn't it?

You're not alone on this one, dear! Just wish someone would respond to your post with what's going on physically and what the doctor did about it (if anything can be done).

I'll be sure to check back and look for updates, or provide my own when I next see my doctor (in January sometime).

Hang in there........


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Hi there,

I think what you are having are benign ectopic heartbeats. Its an electrical malfunction in the pacemaker section of the heart, giving premature beats which feel like lurches and skipped beats. Ive head these for 15 years and even though the sensation is frightening and unpleasant, its nearly always harmless.


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