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Prayers Please


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Hi everyone

A while back I had asked for prayers for my neice Rhonda, she was in a horrific accident with her two children. Since then she has had 8 surgeries. This morning she had to have more. She is hospitalized right now in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Last week she went in for her check up, she was still having a lot of pain in her leg and not feeling quite right. Well after xrays and a CT scan they decided they had to go in and take a look. Well this morning they went in and had to take everything out.... Screws, pins, and plates, from what they told my brother they were being rejected by her body... An hour long surgery turned into 7, They put in new hardware as well as had to remove bone from her opposite hip to hold things in. Alot more then any of us thought she would have. They have her under til morning. She will be horrified when she wakes up, this means months of agonizing therapy for her AGAIN!! Last time it took her months to even be able to stand up. I cannot tell you how much this saddens my whole family.

I'm asking if you would Please remember Rhonda in your thoughts and prayers, she will need them more now then ever.



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i will be thinking of your family as well. i hope that she turns out okay. she must must be a really strong woman and this will just make her even stronger! you all will be in my prayers.

dionna :D

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