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I haven't been on in awhile, my husband just returned home from Iraq so it has been really busy here. I went into the ER on the 30th for problems with sinus pauses ... I have them quite frequently and I was just curious do any of you know if this is a problem related to POTS or if it is just something new I have develouped because it is really becoming a concern not only for me but for my family as well.

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it shouldnt be. i'd be concerned about electolye abnormalities. did they check your electrolytes? also, meds can do this as well, specifically beta blockers. heart disease/fibrosis is another factor. enhanced vagal nerve stimulation can do it too. many things to rule out. i'd check with your doc, perhaps get some blood work and a holter/ event monitor.

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I'd suggest you follow up on it. Some pauses are sinus in origin and some aren't.

It also makes a difference if you are sypmtomatic with it. I will not assume that's why you were in the ER, as there are a jillion reasons we go.

Beta blockers certainly can cause and definitely can exacerbate this problem, but it's best to find out for sure what the underlying cause is. If a pause is long enough, it can cause syncope. Dr Grubb has discussed this, somewhere, but I'm having a brain zart where.

Anyway, it's something to get checked out. Good luck...morgan

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