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Coffee Report

Dawg Tired

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YUM!!!! The press makes great coffee! The only downside is this one is a small one, I will undoubtedly get a larger one later on, but it is no more complicated than the drip maker. It looks much nicer on the countertop and doesn't take up as much space.

The beans I ground not as fine as I do for the drip maker. I poured the ground coffee in, poured the boiled water over them, put the top on it and let it steep for 4 minutes then pushed the plunger down slowly.

The coffee is very rich tasting with no bitterness.

Yep, I am a convert!

I have coffee again!!! (Dancing slowly here!)

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Haha that's cool- I know what you mean about the size... mine is cute but it doesn't quite fill my large mug up. Of course maybe that's significant, but I'll ignore it for now!

I went out for coffee today with some Italian boys, and the first two places we tried were packed without anywhere to sit, so we ended up going to Starbucks- at their request! I haven't been since I got back to Boulder, and I would have thought that Italians would despise the idea of Starbucks.. they got fancy frappucinos, and I think appreciated the fact that they were more like large desserts than coffee. We still had to sit outside, but it was still a good time. Though I think if there were Starbucks in Italy, maybe they wouldn't be so open to it! Oh well, I think I'll stick to my local place. :))

Yummy! Enjoy!!!!

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I love my morning coffee... a few years ago, I got hooked on making coffee the way they do back in Croatia (Hrvatska); my Greek friends essentially do the same thing, as they also do at our local Turkish restaurant. They use a very fine ground Turkish coffee, and boil it in water in a pot called dzjeva (sorry, the correct international letter isn't available); wikipedia has a pretty good description--Hrvatska is in the Balkans, so this is pretty much the standard way they make it and it's strong, but smooth and I am additcted to my am cup full.


I only have one cup of coffee a day, so I make it a really good one! BTW, I love the french press too... but for some reason, I like the boiled stuff better.


and here's a little more info...


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