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Are You Kidding Me!


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just a mini rant here folks.. as i saw the doc and my ears both of them are infected again!... I just got over the same thing less then 2 moths ago...

and i can honestly say that its driving me nuts... the little bit that i do get to walk around.. the floor is doing the WAVE.. it feels like its moving.. and so does the bed and the couch...my mom helped me put ear drops in.. and i seriously thought i was going to puke.. and my bed was spinning SOOOOOOOO bad... that isnt even cool on any level!

im so annoyed..

so here i go on antibiotics and ear drops once again.. and if pots wasnt in enough of an uproar its really kicking up now....

GRRRRR.. dizz is not liking tha dded dizziness

and i have to stop taking the diamox.. b/c that feeling of my lungs and chest being wet and the trouble breathing was caused by the diamox.. and that was so scary... so now its back to the grawing board i guess with that paralysis crud as well...

a verygrumpydizzidizzygirl

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I got my tubes put in about 6 weeks ago to try to help me stop getting infections. So far so good! One of the tubes had been intermittently blocked, but that's pretty common after having a cold, which i did have right before it blocked up. Also, I flew a few weeks after the tubes went in and it was AWESOME. The first time I've flown without ear pain.


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Nina im glad that they are helping you that is great!

I had tubes twice as a child.... and about 8 months ago i went and saw an ENT about tubes and my always occuring ear infections... what a wiennie he was.. got no where obviously!

But i really am getting tired of dealing with this ever few months or so.. geeeeeeeeesh!

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