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Still Battling Vertigo


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Hey all,

so on top of the vertigo which has been getting ridiculous this week i now have laryngitis(sp?) and a cold! ended up having a lovely trip to bradford hospital on wednesday cos i passed out in macdonalds - that'll teach me not to eat junk food! i had to have an injection in my *** for my vertigo, the doctor in the hospital was not happy that i was out on my own with it having had it for four weeks but i'd just been to my doctors and he hadn't said anthing about it. so now i'm on orders from the doctor to stay in bed for at least a week! so it's been four days and i'm bored out of my brain.

However tomorrow i'm making a break for it i have an interveiw at college to do a mature students certificate, fingers crossed don't pass out!!

I'm also coming off fludrocortisone and paroxetine - so far feel high as a kite, headachy and like 'm walking on marshmallows, lnot nice.

bebs x x x

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I've had several bouts of vertigo. the best medication I had was low-dose valium (2mgs). It calms down the vestibular system. I can't tolerate meclizine. I tried pt for it, which involved moving my neck to the side and back several times a day. Unfortunately, since I have eds and neck issues, all this did was give me headaches, neck, and arm pain. IT did finally subside. If it is truly positional vertigo, it's usually a question of time for the little dislodged inner-ear crystals to settle into place. In all, my last bout lasted about four months.

I've also had my fainting sensation misdiagnosed as vertigo.

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