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I recently made this new yummy punch/drink that I found a recipe for in a health magazine. I put in it:

-Cranberry/Raspberry juice


-Lime juice

-Crystal Light (sunrise classic orange flavor)

It was so yummy I drank and drank and drank. And the funniest thing- I started feeling bad, my head hurt, I wasn't feeling well....

Then I felt better for a while.

Then I started craving that punch again, so I made it and drank and drank and drank..

Then I was feeling bad again and my head really hurt. :-/ ???

So I'm thinking it's not the juice, obviously not the water, I dont see a problem with lime juice (I'm not allergic)... so... Crystal Light? I have heard things about artificial sweeteners being bad, but never paid much attention to that stuff. I never drink soda (I went off soda years ago, mostly b/c of calorie intake). I only drink water and... well... this new punch drink.

So what do you guys think? Thoughts on this artificial sweetener....?? Does anyone else have this effect from aspartame or some other kind of artifical sweeteners? What's the scoop?

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Yeah, artificial sweeteners, esp. aspertame give me headaches as well- I thought I was allergic because I was the only one I knew that this happened too but maybe not!!! I've learned to use little to no sugar in things like tea, etc. and now I can actually taste the difference between sugar and art. sweeteners (really odd aftertaste like a few seconds after you drink it if you notice it). That's my two-cents worth! :D


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