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Finally A Pots Doc On The West Coast!!!


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After two years of searching I found a cardiologist on the West Coast who actually knew about POTS!

Dr. Grubb gave me this referral when I saw him in June.

What a wonderful thing to go to a doctor who "speaks the same language", has other POTS patients, knows the second line meds, and says "I believe your symptoms are real" and seems "excited" to work on my treatment...WOW!

Anyway if you are in California I would consider Dr. Karen Friday at Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto. Feel free to PM me if yon need her contact info. She had just returned from spending a week with Dr. Robertsen at vanderbilt (good sign!!!!) and seems truly commited to treating dysautonmia/POTS. It sounded like they may possibly be considering a Dysautonomia Clinic at Stanford. There is definitely a void here on the West Coast and this was great news!

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Please send me the contact information for this physician or add it to: http://www.dinet.org/physician_finder.htm

I would love to add her to our physician list if she is as good as you say she is.



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it's great to hear this. i'm sure there will be many thankful/relieved west coast folk...

:) melissa

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