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Another Cat Question..


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Hey guys..I figured ya'll would have some insight on this since a lot of you seem to have kitties.

A black cat desided to "adopt" us several days ago. I have an 8 yr. old Pug and my mom has a 3 yr. old shitzue (sp?) so at first we were a bit reluctant to take this cat in...we tried finding it's home...etc...but it apparently has decided this is were it wants to live now. Mom took him to the vet yesterday...it turns out he's a he and has already been neutered..aprox. 1-2 yrs. old. Other than an absessed bite on his neck and being a little thin he's in excellent health. He's very loving toward people and is tolerating the dogs..everyone is giving each other space right now so that's actually going okay...The issue is he hasn't used the litter box yet...we've been letting him out with the dogs and obviously he's going then.

We wouldn't mind letting him continue to go ouside but we do have cyotes and lots of other strays in the area and for his protection want him inside at night in the very leaste. Last night...his first night inside the house..he got very "vocal" around 5:00am...and really wanted to go out...he's seen the litter box and actually crawled into it..but hasen't used it.

So my question is...should we stop letting him out and get him to use the litter box again (we assume he's used one in the past since at one time he was obviously someone's pet)...or would this be too much of an adjustment for him since he isn't a kitten that we're training? It's just hard to know what to do b/c we don't know anything about his past and what he's used to...we're trying to make this transition easy on all the pets and humans in the house so any advice/tips would be much appriciated! :huh:

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If your cat is black, he could be part Burmese (They have golden eyes unlike Siamese that have blue) They can be vocal...or he could just want to go outside.

Is the "ABCESS" being treated I hope????????? No doubt that is from a cat fight. Those can get infected and kill a cat.

If you have coyotes, it is a hUGE RISK to let him outside. Many small dogs and cats are eaten around here by coyotes and this is the suburbs so smart folks keep cats inside. Most vets on local talk radio shows and when I have adopted cats, make me sign a pledge to KEEP THE CATS INSIDE it is safer. I am not going to get in a debate about that....

What kind of cat litter do you use? Is it perfumy? We just Tidy Cat gravel litter (some cats don't like the sand clumping, others have no preference, others do)

If you don't mind, get two litter boxes with two types of litter and put them in a room. Make sure they are LARGE enough for the cat...I have big and tall cats and get the largest they make. I do NOT put the lid on it as it alters posture on the cat and keeps the smell INSIDE.

show both of them to him and even put him in them ...if you can find outside where HE has gone, put a piece of his dirt in the litter box as a reminder....see which one he USES. Just get a small bag of each to try if money is an issue. Around here extrra cat litter can be used on icey sidewalks in the winter! after feeding him, put him in the room with the litter box ...if the room is big enough, throw in a cat toy and close the door and set a timer for an hour.

If the cat cries tell him it's ok.....and maybe let him out soon if he shows separation anxiety and cries and claws at the door. Being a stray, we have no idea how he was treated in the past. You may try staying in the room with him...it takes a long TIME for a cat to adjust and if he has had full run of the house as opposed to a "safe room" the transisition is more difficult.

You may want to read online links about adding a cat to house holds with dogs and such and making things easier for them.

Cats are much more complicated than dogs and problems TOUGHER TO FIX! But the crying at night could be boredom, loneliness or he wants to go out. You can get little furry mice (they look real to me!) for him to play with. Also Walmart sells some little round leopard spotted things with feathers attached my cats like.

A cat with access to toys is a happy cat. They also like boxes (just remove plastic and styrofoam peanuts that may be in it) or milk rings from top of milk jugs. Or ping pong balls.

Keeping him in side is easier if he has things to amuse him as well as a private bathroom.

In that way, cats are a lot like us! Complicated. :huh:

Make sure the litter box is in a quiet area that is private. Laundry roooms are bad as the washer can spook them when it is on spin and water rinses out into tub, or spinning off balance, etc. Dryers make noise as well.

Good luck and read up..lots of books available at library and some good articles online.


Here is a link about how to turn outdoor cat into indoor cat and using a litter box...some good tips.

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or milk rings from top of milk jugs.

Everything you said in your post Sophia is all VERY good advice...you like animals, I can tell! :D

I just wanted to add a small note that this part that I quoted from you in particular saved the younger of my two cats! There is at least 10 of those darn rings floating around the house at one time!!! Every time the house gets cleaned, vacuumed with moving couches and beds, etc. around, we find the stash!!! And every time we open a new carton/jug of milk, he is right there waiting for that new ring to add to his collection! :lol:

Cats are so strange! B)

But otherwise, Wareagle, that is all good advice that Sophia gave you. I am willing to bet that the cat will use the litterbox soon, as long as you keep him inside ~ the howling will be quite annoying I know, I've been there, but if he's inside, he'll need to use it sooner or later. Make sure he has a lot water at all times because normally when they start to feel constipated because they haven't gone for a while, it helps them to drink a lot of water to get everything worked through their system. Just double check all the time that he is not going to the bathroom in your home other than the litter box, because THAT is harder to break!

Good luck!

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Really? you can tell I like animals? I bet you'd never guess I was a major cat mom. LOL


I just like to know all animals, dogs and cats have good loviing homes.

And I spoil my outside critters as well..the birds have different feeders, two bird baths (scrubbed with a brush twice a day in summer to keep clean) squirrel feeders, in the back of the yard I pust another pan of water on ground for squirrels, ground hogs and ground birds.

They give us such pleasure to watch. and at night we have raccons and I try to leave the pan of water full in the back so the buggers don't tip over the white birdbaths. Thankfully they are plastic and lightweight and easy to upright.

Some milk jugs now make the C shaped rings instead of the round circles. BUMMER! the cats don't get many rings anymore but when we move furniture, we find the old milk rings...and hidden mice in sofa cushions.


P.s. Though still VERY SKITTISH of us, here is a photo of the groundhog who has taken to coming up to the patio. He hangs out under bird feeders for stray sunflower seed as that is what we use...and course, Thistle for the finches and smaller birds. He eats lots of the big green leaves that are on the ground from trees losing leaves, tool He runs FAST for a fat boy, too, LOL.


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Thanks for the great advise!! Yes, he does have yellow eyes..I will definately look up this breed as he is VERY vocal!! B)

Not long after I posted I checked and he did indeed use the litter box so I know he is trained. I'm thinking that at his previous home he was let out a lot and/or he's been out on his own for awhile b/c he really likes to get out and roam. Mom and I discussed it and decided the best thing to do was keep him inside at all times with the exception of our screened in room. We actually had to leave him in there earlier b/c I had to go to the doctor and we didn't feel comfortable leaving all the animals alone in the house yet...by time we got back he had gotten out and he hasn't been back yet. I hoping he shows up soon...I just hope he hasn't been on his own so long that he doesn't WANT to be inside.

Yes, the vet drained his absess and he is on anitbiotics..Mom said he did very well taking them this morning and actually cooperated. He was given a complete check up and fully vaccinated..the vet said it was safe even if he had already been vaccinated recently. We are definately going to give this situation a try...if it doesn't work and the animals are stressed our vet has someone who can place him in a good home..so either way he should be much better off than he was! Wish us luck! :lol:

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Slender and black is likely to be a burmese--they're known for being especially sweet and love people; they can be very loyal to their owners. If you have someone home most of the time, that will be great b/c they get very attached to people--and can make good indoor cats.

My Abby is finally learning that she's allowed to sleep with us; she's now taken to sleeping on my former Jeri's pillow--so much for me thinking I got my side of the bed back to myself. B) Truth be told, I fiind it comforting that Abby's taken over--If I wake in the middle of the night, she purrs when I touch her even just one time. Since she's not a lap kitty (opposite of a burmese!) I'll take my kitty-lovin where and when I can!

nina, a freak for animals and living things of all kinds...

btw, here's a link to info on Burmese


or a bombay, a burmese relative


or even a Havana, which is more of a brownish black, thinner, and often with gorgeous green eyes.

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And just in case you need more cats.... I really need to find a home for these!


They are now 6 months old, neutered, litter trained, spoiled.... I just can't handle 4 cats in the house!


As you can see... these 2 little brothers are so close I really would like for them to be able to stay together....

See their Catster page: http://www.catster.com/pet_page.php?j=t&i=324933

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OMG they are too cute!! Teri would kill me if I brought home TWO kitties...

I'm looking into getting one new one in few months, when I'm ready, and when my Abby is doing a bit better with her allergies--she's cranky when she's itchy, just like her mom.


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Salem found his way home! ;)

He really had mom and I worried last night..he's usually around the house esp. before dark..we even went looking for him. He was here this morning though..ready to eat! We also found out how he's been escaping the screened room...so no more unsupervised time in there for awhile. I'm thinking he definately has some Bermese in him as he is very affectionate and vocal. My pug, Yoshi, is having some anxiety about him being so loving with me b/c she's an attention seeker as well..so I'm trying to be generous with everyone..petting her with one hand and Salem with the other. Hopefully she'll realize that there's enough love to go around. All is calm right now as it is apparently "Nap time"....thaks again for all the great advise!


Those kitties are just too cute!!

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i know nothing about actually getting a cat to use the litter pan. i have had over 60 cats--- i had a cat that kept having babies--- and all of them just took to it immediately. even the stray that walked up one day. :)

congratulations on Salem being back home! i am happy for you! ^_^

those are such adorable pictures! all of them. cute kitties. ;)

i got a black and white kitty a few months ago and after having him for a month i named him Shadow though he usually just gets called "the cat", something i don't think is aloud on the forum but is actually harmless, it isn't foul language of course but may be inappropriate, or "ol skinny dog" my mom has a dog that is really jealous of the cat so my dad tells the dog that the cat is a dog too. the "ol skinny black dog". he is always in my lap or at my feet. just the sight of a person and he starts to purr. he is always purring or meowing for more attention. the most affectionate cat i have ever met. he is completely spoiled! he even jumps in the tub with me! he loves to get a bath and purrs the entire time he is being soaped up. he has to be in the same room as someone or a person has to atleast be visiable. he follows me every where i go. when i am eating he is in my lap. and no matter what it is, except tuna, he doesn't even beg for it. i share the tuna with him everytime which is why i think he begs because he knows he is getting some. he will sometimes eat other people food but he really prefers his cat food. but if i am eating something and i offer it to him he will take it. if my mom does, he won't eat it. and being vocal... don't shut him up. he will meow an awful bloody murder cry and climb the walls, literally. he has to have attention all the time!!! i can try to annoy the cat all i want, playing with his paws, tail, ears, mouth... whatever and he will just lay there with a smile just a purring. poor cat, my nephew is always wanting to pet him and pick him up but he doesn't know how to really hold the cat even though we have showed him many times. the cat does hide from him but still tolerates my nephew when he is too lazy to hide or so desperate for attention. alright that was my little piece on my cat. i also have 3 turtles and a gold fish. i think Shadow got my crawfish. which is fine. i just don't want him to get the turtles. my man caught those for me when they hatched at a pond. they traveled with me from md to sc. i am actually very attached to the babies and mom calls them the grandbabies since i haven't given her any real ones yet. they are 6 months old.

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No offense but have you thought about SPAYING and neutering your cats?? OVERPOPULATION is a HUGE issue and leads to abandoned and cruelty to animals...or euthanizing.

I would never own a cat that wasn't spayed or neutered. It's heartbreaking. They can't CHOOSE contraception. :)

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i agree with you that animals should be spayed or neutered in areas where over population is a problem. the cat i have now is. the female cat that i had was when i was still a child--- the one i was talking about. i got her when i was still in elementary school. i had always wanted a cat to have kittens so my mom said that we could let her have one litter. well every time we were about to take her to the vet she was back pregnant. we wouldn't get her fixed while the babies were still young so she would have strength for them. she was an outdoor cat. i live out in the country and all those things you said about cruelty, euthanization, and abandonment isn't the case in my area. my county does not euthanize the animals at the animal shelter. there is no cruelty and no abandonment. all of the kittens my cat had went to the homes of my friends and neighbors. my cat had about 30 or so kittens. the other cats i had were prior to her that friends had given me. but i only had one at a time. the most i had at one time was maybe a dozen cats but that was with her kittens and we did have 2 strays to come up one time and make our home theirs. most of our animals have been spayed or neutered. pigs, dogs, cats... not ducks or rabbits or those types but the others yes. if i were in the city or in an area were over population was a problem then we never would have allowed my cat to have had kittens but like i said i live in the country so it is not an issue. i do believe you are right though but i also believe that it was okay for my cat to have had kittens because none of those are issues in my area and like i said the kittens all went to loving homes. i would never do anything to harm a cat.

dionna :)

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