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Another Tilt.. You Gotta Be Kidding Me!


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I am scheduled to be seen at the CC on wednesday morning.. I was "suppose" to be scheduled to see the doc and to have the blood volume test done.. but I later found out.. that i have to have another tilt done before i can have the blood volume done.. since its been more then 3 yrs. since ive been seen at this instituition..

I'm a bit peeved b/c this was just supoose to be short and sweet.. get the blood volum done.. so i can hopefully get the documented documentation that i need to start fighting with the insurance comany. so maybe i can strt procrit injection...

I feel real resistance to have yet another ttt done this would be my 5th one done i told the secretary on the phone that i've had many done.. they all say the same thing.. that i really think it unnneceasary to have a 5th done.. and that they make me really ill.. and im most certain that i dont want to put my allready wrecked body thru any more stressors..as i have yet more traveling to do the next few days that followmy appointment on wedensesday..last tilt i had done.. i havent been right from it since.. seriously i havent!

im hoping that i can talk to the doc about this and that she wont push another ttt.. but yet i dont wantto seem non compliant either.. b/c i need this blood volume test.. and maybe she will have a thought or 2 of why im paralytsiing and just over all getting worse... it concerns me that i'm traveling that morning very early.. and i do not do well early morning.. and i have to fast and wont be able to eat or drink before hand..till AFTER i get everything done.. and I cant help but think OH CRAD im afraid im going to crash out badly.. not only b/c of the pots.. but b/c of the diabetes as well.. UGH.... maybe not necessarily during ym appointment but that evening or afternoon.. or following day! i feel bad for the person I'm staying with.. it i crash bad..im no fun to be around... :ph34r: .. darn pots im sick of it!

just me venting..thanks for listening!

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Oh Linda you poor thing :ph34r:

I find it hard to believe that these doctors can't be reasoned with. Hopefully if you tell them about your concerns they'll see putting you though another tilt test is just cruel and unusual punishment!

BTW-I hope you do get the procrit approved! I've heard it's a miracle drug for some.



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I hope the doc will reconsider the ttt.. as i really really do not want any other one done..hopefully the blood volumn test will show what i need to get the procrit approved!

that would be nice... its like the only thing that i have not tried yet..

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My goodness and I was frustrated that I am going to be scheduled for my second one in 3 years. I also have no desire to repeat this as I was in far better shape the first time and fear what will happen this time.

I hope that you are able to convince them that 5 would seem to be quite enough already!!!! Good luck.

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