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Filing For Disability

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So i've finally given up and have started the ball rolling and am filing for disability. I'm kinda at a loss here because I currently take Inderal, Florinef, Zofran, Zelnorm, Salt tablets and potassium and I'm not sure how I will pay for them. According to the social worker I spoke with you are unable to get medicaid or any other type of government assistance until the disability decision is determined. What am I supposed to do in the meantime?

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If your income is low enough, you can get patient asistance for you medications.

Just type in the Manufacturer of the meds, Pfizer, etc, and the meds and google "Patient Assitance progrms"

Most tell you online the income or you can CALL and get the information on the phone.

I have Medicare but not the part D as it is a RIPOFF (long story) So since I had the "OPTION" of Part D but do not want to pay for it, I am now screwed out of getting meds under the Patient assistance program. The folks that thought up Part D are idiots. My doctor has seen MORE LOW INCOME PATIENTS lives ruined from LACK of access to meds.

But if you have no insurance. it should be easy for you if you meet income limits.

Good luck

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I don't understand why the social worker told you that. We qualified for Medicaid amd food stamps until our disability was approved... Those are determined by income and since we had no income we qualified.

They DID have the restriction that we had to file for SSDI/SSI first - then, when the state determined we were disabled it went right through.

I was pretty much determined to be disabled (by the state) immediately - hubby (head injury) we had to appeal. It only took me 2 weeks to qualify. Medicaid paid for all but $2 on my meds each month.

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No Offense but some social workers are idiots.

We were told so much BAD INFO last year when we had an elderly relative in the hospital. We had to do our own homework and bypass much bad information.

Like I said, if you have a PRESCRIPTION, contact the drug companies DIRECTLY and ask for needed paperwork, if you fall within the income limits.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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There are programs for medication assistance, and there are some good social workers- sorry, I was in the field for many years. With any profession- there are good, bad, average and exceptional, etc. I always tell people to ask for copy of guidelines for programs, ask more than one person, never go by just intake or reception information - speak with supervisor of programs if possible- as there are often exceptions to guidelines.

Many states have certain guidelines you must meet in order to be eligible for assistance, it is not always just based on income. I am not sure of all state guidelines, but I know from past experience in many states it is often very difficult to qualify for medical assist. as an adult, unless you were income eligible and have children in household, pregnant or found to be disabled. It was not just income. Again, states have dift. requirements.

There are many drug companies and drug asst. programs that do offer assistance. The ones mentioned here and in previous posts. You could also try your local United Way or state Health and Human Service Dept. to find out if they have specific programs to assist in your area.

Again states have dift programs. You may also try town welfare if in a real crisis - they will usually refer you to other agencies first-

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sorry, Nadine. Nothing against you!

We just had THREE lousy Social workers and I went online and made phone calls and had to right the wrong information. I will spare you the long story. I spent HOURS on the phone due to their mistakes. :huh:

I found this on a quick search and while looking up Zofran.


And on Zelnorm


Inderal makes a generic, Propranalol and is very inexpensive.

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