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Wrist, Arm & Hip Pain Escalated Today.


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I'm not feeling to bright here, in fact rather rough is more like it .

The weather in the UK has become rather cool very quickly and I'm feeling the cold more now, waking up each morning is something I dread , IF I actually do wake up .............???? the reason I say this is the last few nights I haven't slept more than an hour or so all night .

But just sitting up the bed is so painful and now takes me between 5-6 minutes each day and then getting up the pain in my hips , dont ask. :)

The worst thing is that tonight I was 'pootling about the kitchen ' as one does to help , and I thought I'll just get the tray out of the oven ....................bad move number one :angry:

I used two tee-towels to hold the hot tray , but my right wrist 'snapped first' and the tray slid sideways so I stupidly tried to hold it more and the left wrist snapped . :blink: OMG ! ! and I burnt the pad on my left palm.

I'm now in pain from my wrist to both elbows , you know that hard aching ,nagging pain that lets you know its there at the slightest move of a little finger or a twitch of a muscle .

I do wear normally hand & wrist supports , but I've been so good over the summer months and had so little pain I've left them off ............. bad move number two .

This morning I slipped three times in the shower . 1: closed my eyes to rinse the shampoo off and 'away went my feet in all directions' . 2: caught my head on the wall mounted support. 3: whacked my leg on the seat ( I'm supposed to be sitting on :) ) ..........my third bad move of the day . :P

If your wondering how I'm typing this :D I'm not ..........say hello Mike ............( wave , wave from me Mike here guys)

Mother trusty bag carrier , kitchen helper, door holder and puller -up-the- bed when needed.......... son here doing the typing for a rather crazy mother who's done to much again. !!!

So guys has the weather now its cooler ( if it is where you are ) brought forth new and exciting ( NOT) things to your daily lives ?????

Willows..wishing I'd stayed in bed all day today now :D

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Having got my son to post last night for me , within half an hour I was so ill.

I've just been able to get up for 1/2 hour now and am going back to bed after this.

I had such joint pain last night and an incredible thirst, trying to sip 3-4 cups of juice all night.

At 2 am in the morning I was still awake feeling rough , then went into a 2 hour on/ off angina attack at level 5 , which I coped with until my throat started to close/ restrict my intake and I couldnt drink much.

This may sound very scary to some of you , but I've been dealing with these problems for years remember and know exactly what to ; take, do and not to do.

We take half hourly blood pressure and heart readings and if they rose sky high OR as with me dropped onto oblivion or I got to level 7-8 angina and felt I'd lost control then I would have just 999 ( 911) and that would have been it ..............straight in.

I have been in bed on morphine all day now, just had 1/2 a cup of water and some ice -cream...........there's a tip for you , if your throat closes up eat ice -cream ( as told to me by my consultant ) because it cools and freezes the larynx so stops you wanting to reach/choke.

I'm back to bed now as my sweating and dizziness is bad again and I have such a back ache down both side of my ribs , if that make sense.

Bye for a few days .........Willows.

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Thank you for your kind words guys..............well I'm back ,but not for long as I'm about to go and lay down upstairs again . :rolleyes:

Silly , silly , stupid , 'should have known better ' person here got up yesterday and thought .

' well this is OK now ' ........................funny ??? whats that noise I can hear , sort of high pitched siren sound ???

Funny ( not) why am I now laying on the floor inspecting the carpet :angry: passed put again flat ,bang, wallop ! ! !

Back to bed again.............blur :angry:

Sat in bed and thought ' OMG now what ? ' chronic diarrhea , you try running ( ha, ha dont make me laugh again) to the loo ....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, then I lost count and just sat on the loo floor for an hour .

Little voices kept saying from the other side of the door ' dear, you still alive ' ??? <_<

Got up this morning feeling , well how can I put it ' a little light headed , sore and as stiff as an old yard broom thats been metal plated' ! :blink: had a poodle around the downstairs then........... :blink:

'OMG '.....ahhhhhhhhh! I got the most awful pain in my left kidney , like it was being hauled out by a great pair of rusty pliers .............ouch ! doubled over in pain staggered back to the chair hubby ( who's now had his stitches out ) comes flying over to me squawking and screeching as he's gone to fast and his feet now hurt , in an effort to catch me if I was going to fall again............so we both ended up in the settee feeling ....blur ! :(

Never mind could have been worse ..........I could have collapsed on hubby's sore feet and ended up with his big toe stuck up my nose :lol::lol: Oh ! dont make me laugh , it hurts........... Willows.

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Just about to go back to my normal laying down position again .

I've been up for lunch and am still getting intermittent left side pains that 'take your breath away ' ................yet another song for me to sing to ( from Top Gun I think )

I'm begining to wonder if it is a kidney stone of some sort , BUT having said that the pain is to short and to long ????

No that doesn't make sense your saying to your self :blink:

To short in the length to time from start to end , and to long as its now going into my left boob! ' ouch , ouch ,ouch ' :angry:

And another thing I've noticed .......... :rolleyes: .........that this bleeding into the skin on my feet /ankles is now going up my legs .

I've been ill for the past 3-5 days now and its suddenly increased its area , so thats something I've learnt new over the week, ill and more bleeding now .

At least I can swallow again , so MUCH better , I hate that 'someones got there hands around my throat feeling ' makes me not want to eat .

Well I'm off again to the land of nod ( well actually X-men 3 ) and a bit of stiff fingered typing on the old book again ...........thats between sleep and TV..........in an assortment of order !

Willows .........and her Troll feet now Troll legs as well , here I hope I'm going to turn into a red spotted toad ....... :lol::lol::lol: .......where's the handsome prince ? send him my way quick !!!! ( sorry being silly again )

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Right 'Troll feet' here has decided that its NOT a bug just a huge pots flare up as the symptoms are to varied and to long to be anything else :blink:

My poor old trotter ( feet/legs) are giving me the fiery furnace treatment at this time ( H**l) last night I was in chronic pain even having taken my pethidine at 10 pm as usual , and it didn't go off ( rolling about the bed ) until ......................5 am this morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

So as I'm a writer by profession and have what is termed a very 'vivid imagination ' ( ha, ha, ha, ) I decided laying there last night that I would not cry .............there said it , and I didn't !

What I did I should have done years ago ???????????????????????????? what your thinking ??????????????

Well as I keep calling myself 'Troll feet ' or as I say I'm turning into a red spotted toad I lay there in bed and thought ................mmmmmmmm OK Troll feet here is now being attacked by something , not a some what , and my pots is now my 'wicked witch ' who is intent on inflicting pain on me , but how ???

And instead of laying there in pain , think nothing but pain .............everything I got a huge 'electric current shock ' running over my feet or legs I'd imagine what my 'wicked witch' was doing to me ..............so pots for me has now taken on an imaginary body and I actually made it thorough the night without crying ( and I can tell you guys when its really bad I do cry , cant help it , when the pain killer fails to work I have to let out the pain some how )

So 'wicked witch' last night was pulling the hairs out of my legs 'one at a time' with rusty tweezers :lol:

Trying to pa-boil my legs in moisture cream to smooth them for me :angry: and was trying to rotate my hips in the wrong direction 'to help keep me supple' ............ so that if I wish to take up ballet dancing I'd be ready ....yea, right .............how kind of her !!!!

The sharp tearing pain in my hips became her using a cheese grater on me in an effort to smooth the cellulite ( dont we all have it ? ) and the general constant ache, ache , ache pain from head to foot is her being a bit to overenthusiastic trying to get me to run the 1 minute mile in wellingtons holding a camel on my back, who's got a monkey on his head wearing a red top hat with a green parrot singing on it ..........................let the imagination go made here all :lol::lol::lol:

At one point I laughed out loud :o to which my husband , who's used to me crying with the pain , asked if I was OK as he knew I was bad because I couldnt lay still and kept sighing and moaning rather ( with the occasional swear word chucked in ) when I told him what I was up to he said ' try having a soft white bunny instead dear will you , I dont want any fly witches dive bombing me from the ceiling tonight '

So I visualized her as a granny ( cough , cough , hang on I'm a granny :rolleyes: ) with long grey hair and long bend under nose with a big green drip on the end ........yuck. :)

A big fat body sort of really Roley- poly type, short arms and extra long bendy legs with huge 10 toed feet on the end ................She's wearing a bright pink leotard with green bows stuck all over it and her legs haven't been shaved for about a year, in fact she wears curlers in them so the hair hangs in ringlets now !!!! :lol::o here ...she sounds like an ex mother-in-law of mine now I come to think of it :lol::lol:

I spend the night in such pain , yet was able to get though it AND ...............this is the best bit ................so dont think I'm completely off my rocker guys.

I DID NOT VOMIT this morning or have that awful headache ( blood pressure ) afterwards............ :D

So now I know I'm having a really bad episode of pots again and I think its going to be with me for sometime by the way my body is reacting to it , my red spotted toad is still climbing my legs and they are sort of going into mass now .............rather like a pink suntan :lol: and the pain OMG am I going to give 'wicked witch some stick tonight id she comes to try her home-made beauty products and ideas on me ................got a few of my own to try on her to !!!!!

Blimey , can you imagine me laying there at level 10 pain ............ambulance men coming for me , into the bedroom and I'm rolling about on the bed shouting and screaming 'its her 'wicked witch of the west ' telling them she's got rusty tweezers to my leg hairs, beating me on the hips with an aardvark in an effort to loosen the fat ?????? straight jacket here I come :lol::lol:

Haven't we always been told to 'visualize ' our selves as somewhere else when the pain hits , well I say give it a name, a face and a let it do its worst to me now as I'm ready and waiting , and do you know what ???? I'm not so afraid of the bad days /nights now as I have something to do than lay there feeling sorry for myself , asking why me !

Willows................fighting the 'wicked witch of the west' here ............must find her a good name so I dont sound quite so 'off my trolley' .........by the way thats an English line for as ' mad as a hatter' or ' round the bend or ' lost the plot' or flipped your lid' or there ha-pence short of a bob ' ...........cor thats an old one !

Any suggestions ?????? got to be something extra special I feel .

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Very sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I have to admit that I couldn't understand all of your posts...but I wanted to say: I'm really enjoying your British English :rolleyes: I'm American myself, but I have a cousin in Britain....he always cracks me up....and my sister-in-law's mother is British....reading your posts, I can almost hear her. In fact, I even imagine that you must look something like her while I'm reading. Just me probably. Hang in there!


"Inna ma'al-'usri yusraa" (Qur'an)

Translation: "Surely with hardship comes ease!"

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I have a POTS monster, too! Mine has 5 heads and purple horns and he lives in my closet. I don't think he has a name, though. He looked at me blankly when I asked. He's not very bright. In fact, he sometimes looks surprised when I get upset with him. I don't think he MEANS to mess up my life; it's just a fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly kinda thing. Most of my fantasies involve beating the **** out of him, but they do crack me up when I'm feeling bad!

Now for a name for your new friend ...

You could go with something mythical: Circe

or something respectful: Madam Eisenstien

something insulting: Old Bag

something sinister: Cruella

something deceptive: Lovey

something elegant: Evangeline Ezmerelda Egglentine III


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