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Autonomic Neuropathy Versus Peripheral Neuropathy? Or Both!

john redman

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I think autonomic neuropathy is technically a form of peripherial neuropathy. Some members of this forum have both autonomic and sensory peripherial neuropathy (I, for one, am one of those people).

There's a great, free, downloadable handbook that goes through all you ever wanted to know about the ANS and it's dysfunction at the NDRF website. I've posted a link below.


This book should answer many of your questions. I know it helped me alot when I was first diagnosed.

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Yeah, while I'm not exactly sure where the cutoff line is, I was under the impression that autonomic neuropathy was a type of peripheral neuropathy. For example, I have nerve damage in my intestines. From what I gleaned off the net, it seemed autonomic neuropathy would be the most accurate description, so I think I can classify it as being part of the dysautonomia (the damage, not just the IBS relating to it).

Good luck!!!

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