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Sleep Disturbance Revisited / Feel Really Hot All Day

Jersey Girl

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I have had alot of trouble waking up in the middle of night and not being able to fall back to sleep. I know some of it is because I can't follow my usual mild exercise routine at all and sleep very well with this cast on my fractured wrist, but I need something to help me over this bump. I also am incredibly hot under my skin (I guess hot flashes at my age but I feel so incapacitated by them). I read the previous 3 page post and realize that this is a common issue so I thought I would take a poll on what meds you take if any to help you sleep. Martha

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Hi! Thanks for your response. I bought bottle of Nature's Bounty 1 mg Melatonin and tried it last night for first time. I was afraid to take a higher dose since I am the Queen of Sesitivity, and was pleasantly surprised this morning how well it worked. I am thinking of ordering the 1.5 mg extended release melatonin tab on line now. I only paid $5 for the bottle yesterday. I don't remember feeling hot last night either, but now I am up for just over an hour I am feeling hot again. I think some of it is positional. Martha

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What is with this sleep problem we all share???

In June I quit taking the pain meds I had been on for over a year and after 6 weeks of withdrawal I had about 6 weeks of feeling well except the insomnia. Then I tried Klonopin which worked for about 2 weeks. Now the pain/insomnia cycle is starting all again. It began with sluggishness in the morning with trouble falling asleep at night. The Klonopin quit working. I can't get to sleep inspite of feeling tired, I feel hot and sweat inspite of being cold before lying down. Then the pain in various areas won't let me sleep. When I do fall asleep the pain wakes me up and I have trouble staying alseep. Morning comes and I feel like a slug. I hurt all over and then if I take anything for that I am in "space". Thanks for letting me whine and if someone finds the miracle drug for the insomnia please post it.


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I use Klonopin too. It's good at getting me off to sleep and initially it was great at helping me sleep pretty much through the night. But it seems to be getting less effective and although I can fall asleep o.k, I am now waking up at night several times. I am exhausted by the morning but still feel the kind of "hangover" effect of having taken a sleeping pill. My doctor says to take a higher dose, but it makes me feel bad the next day.

I took Ambien--once. I had an awful experience, even at a lower dose. I couldn't tell whether I was awake or asleep, I felt I was hallucinating. Terrible feeling and so I stopped it at once.

I thought I read somewhere--maybe on this forum--that Melatonin was bad for disautonomics?

I guess, when I can, exercise helps. But if I exercise too near bedtime I am too wired to sleep.

It's a balancing act as is everything with this condition.

Good luck,


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Do you know I cant actually remember the last time I slept all night :blink:

Mine is getting worse and worse at the minute.

I dont get to sleep until 4 am then wake again at 6 am , doze to 7 am and then thats it unless I drop in the afternoon for 2-3 hours, I'm so tired , head achy and generally feeling 'blur' now after a month of this .

I take most nights along with my other drugs ;

40 mg of Nortriptyline . between 5mg to 15 mg of Diazepam and if needed 7.5 mg of Zopiclone ...........thats on top of my 20 mg of Oxycodone ! !

Enough to put a horse out ................unfortunately I dont have a leg on each corner or a tail which is why I'm still awake all night watching Dvds , videos or just utter , utter rubbish on TV.

Sleep...... :lol: .......sleep ........ :( .......give me sleep........ :D .......or may be someone could slip me a double cherry brandy OHHHHHhhhh now that might do it , well I'd be a very happy person trying it , sick as a dog , but happy ( not) :rolleyes:

Willows...........thinking of having my eyelids carpet taped down tonight !

( well anythings worth a try )

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