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Urgent Need Of Direction-nueropathy Now?


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Im having new problems, very odd. about two weeks ago,during my visit here to va, my feet became very sore. i have had a history of feet probs with my arches so i though that was it. but in the past week i have developed tingling in my feet running up to my knee. it is turning into ****. i have a cold feeling off and on in my feet as well. a heating pad helps a bit, so does klonopin. im overhwelmed here. my sister's friend is a podatrist-she told me it could be a foot injury, circulatory probem or neurologic. could it be nmh? she sent me to a neuro. this dr said it liekly is neuropathy, but wasnt sure if it could be other things, ike ciruclation or injury. it is hard to sleep at all now. i also wondered if taking the klonopin more regularly up here has made me addicited and my body is requiring more. i read that klonopin withdraw can cause muscle pain etc.. im going home this thurs for rosh hashanah and not sure about returning here at this point. i will see my houston(my home) internist thurs-but what on earth do w do? Im geussing neuro tests and a test for circulation ? sorry for the long post-but im freaked out about this and worry it is part of nmh or my nerves not getting enough nutrient seven though i have tested ok on nutrition and absorbtion despite my gastroparesis and possible ibd. hope to hear back. thanks for the help

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I'm not sure how NMH could cause tingling in the feet. What you're describing sounds alot like Raynaud's Phenomenon, which is common and not much more than an annoyance. However, you definitely need to get it checked out by a physician. Many people with POTS have similar problems with neuropathy in their feet and hands. In most cases I've know about (including my own) the peripherial neuropathy doesn't progress, so hopefully if you do have neuropathy, it's not anything serious.

I know how scary it is to have new symptoms and not know what's wrong, but hang in there and try not to panic. I know if I allow my fear to take over, my symptoms always get worse.

Have you been diagnosed with NMH? If so, have they figured out the source? (ie. primary or secondary NMH)

Please let us know how it goes!


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I have peripiphial and small fiber neuropathy..I went through eegs,emg's etc. They attribute it all with the autonomic dysfunction. I get burning and tingling sensations..lose feeling in limbs etc. Also have the gstroparesis.

So I hope this helps and it is nothing too serious..get it checked out by a good neuro.

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