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Rozerem - Sleep Medicine


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It's 2 am and I can't fall asleep (even after taking my sleeping pill). This is very normal for me. I'm already up to the highest dosage of Lunesta and Ambien CR doesnt' seem to work for me.

My dr. gave me a prescription for Rozerem. Have any of you had success with this??

I'm nervous to take it because i usually sleep in late and end up getting some sleep even if I'm up really late .... I'm scared of having a night without any sleep at all. (I get migraines when I dont' sleep enough.)

Any information??


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I have wondered about this drug also...but haven't tried it.

I take Ambien with the best results...and don't sleep AT ALL without it.

I added in Klonopin with the Ambien at night to get more sleep...with my doctor's blessing. I know it sounds like a lot, but we really need sleep to heal at all. I take the Klonopin 3x a day, 1/2 of a .5 mg pill and my dose is about an hour or so before the Ambien, so it starts my system settling down, and then the Ambien takes about an hour to work also.

I just got CR samples...don't care for the CR version as much as the regular Ambien, but I am just so excited to have samples and not have to pay out of pocket.

Let us know if you have any luck with the Rozeram....

Lunesta and Sonata did nothing for me either.

Hope you get some sleep soon. Since I have started the Lyme treatment, I am finally having a bit better sleep and many less sleepsless nights.


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Dr. Grubb gave me a prescription for rozerem back in april and I just tried it last night. I slept like a baby. I did feel alittle groggy this morning, but I have been that way for a few weeks so I am not sure it was the med or not. I am always leary about trying new meds, have had a few awful experiences in the past. I started full time college in August and have been so tired but when I go to bed I don't seem to get a good night sleep and it had really caught up with me. I just had to try and see if the med worked. It felt good to get some sleep. Wouldn't you know though, last night my husbands cousin called at 2:00am to tell me something and we talked for over an hour. Goin to try it again tonight :huh:

Take Care


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hello, lisa! :)

i have had big time sleep problems my entire life; it is super-cruddy! ugh. you have my sympathy! :)

dr. g also rx'd rozerem for me and i have used it w/ varying results. mostly it does not work all that great for me. it helps me fall asleep but after a few hours i wake up. (maybe i should find out if i can take it again??) i also have very strange, sometimes disturbing dreams when i take it. other than that, no side effects. there *have* been some times when i have gotten a full night's rest w/it. i don't know why i get varying results, probably something to do with if i'm surging w/ adrenalin or just dysautonomia in general?? sometimes it does work great.

i wanted to try it (and am trying it again recently...) because it doesn't demonstrate addictive properties in clinical studies. (at least the studies so far :huh: ). i do generally get good results w/ klonopin, but sometimes i have to take stuff in addition to that and i know it's not really safe to do that, but i get desperate for sleep!

good luck with it, if you decide to go with it and sweet dreams no matter what you decide!!

:) lulu

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:(Hey, I have tried all of the sleep meds and if I;m surging, nothing works. Actually, if I take Lunesta or Rozerem, I am up all night. Ambien CR works every now and then if I'm not surging. What I have found to work the best, and it doesn't work all of the time is Melatonin and Valerian root. These are herbal and they work better than any of the meds. Hope this helps. Donna

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Thanks for all of your input...

So this weekend I "took the plunge" and tried Rozerem. The good news....it helped me sleep. The bad news....I felt HORRIBLY the next day. Dizzy, Woozy, Nauseous, etc. Just to be sure that it was the medicine I tried it again the next night and the same symptoms followed.

Oh well, it was worth a try. I hope it ends up helping some of you without the side effects.


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