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    I don't know where to put my conditions so I am putting them here. I developed POTS after a simple lap chole in March 2005 and recently developed CFS. GERD and IBS since 1992<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />quilting, but I have a difficult time sitting at the sewing machine, cross-stitching and playing with my grandchildren.

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  1. Hi Maggie, I was diagnosed in 2005, at 55.
  2. Hi, I always stand with my legs crossed and when I have to sit in a chair for any length of time, I have my legs crossed and feet in the chair with me. That's the only way I can think, and then sometimes I still don't think very well. But it helps my sx. Donna
  3. I am so frustrated!!! I have moved three hours from the cardio that diagnosed me with POTS and I am looking for a local dr. I have been seeing a cardiologist that asks me how I want to be treated. Do you want to take Zoloft? If so, what strength? Do you want to go up on BB? I thought, I'm paying you to tell me what I need. So I decided to try another one, get a second opinion. I had an appointment this am. The nurse did orthostatic bp's. She could hear the one lying down but when I sat up and stood up, my bp was so faint that she couldn't hear it. (it was dropping, HELLO) She kept trying and finally told me to sit in the chair and she took it again. She kept taking it till she got a good reading. So obviously it didn't show a drop in my bp. I said to the dr., I would love to get better enough to go back to work. He said, You can go back to work now, you have no restrictions. I thought "What am I doing? Don't these dr's understand that if I could stand up without my heart racing and my bp going everywhere, maybe I could just function every day. GO BACK TO WORK!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I can't even stand in line at the grocery store. I get brain fog and can't remember things unless I have it written down. I am an emergency room nurse. No patient wants me taking care of them and not remembering what I am doing. I left there so discouraged. My heart is in perfect shape, thank God. That's not why I went to see him. My autonomic nervous system is out of wack and I want someone who knows about POTS. Sorry for the rambling and thank you for letting me vent. I know most of you have experienced similar frustration. So glad we have this forum where there is somebody who understands. I guess having a doc three hours away is not so bad after all! Thanks, Donna
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