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Anyone Get Hives???


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Hey All-

A few years ago, I got horrible hives. Some were like large boils that stayed around for weeks. These hives seem to preceed other symptoms, like tachycardia and anaphalaxis. The hives are back. I'm scared. My allergist put me on zyrtec and singulair. He says that hives are closely related to autonomic problems. Anyone else have hives?


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I dont get hives but do get 'graphic urticaria ' which is a pain as once scratched the mark swells up to huge proportions which stays for days .

I also react to gnat bites easy , do you ?

One bite and its the size of a dinner plate which then opens up in the middle and goes poisonous and my whole leg or arm ( usual bite places) becomes twice the size, scarlet in colour and sickeningly painful , nasty little critters those gnats.


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