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Have You Tried Juice Plus?


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A friend of mine swears that Juice Plus has made her more energetic and has contributed to her weight loss. My personal trainer recommends it, but I'm skeptical of a day's worth of nutrition in 1 pill. I'm going to check with my cardio.

Has anyone with POTS tried it? Let me know how it went!


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Mighty Mouse has a link around here somewhere for Quackwatch.

Oddly enough, I typed in Juice Plus and this link came up first.


It's MLM and folks who SELL these things TALK OF MIRACULOUS stories. My sister and niece sell XANGO and tell of similar stories.

Xango is like $37 a bottle and they want you to drink ONE a week! :):):o:o

So, I do not buy into MIRACLE SUPPLEMENTS but to each his own.

If this stuff TRULY HELPED, it would be written up by some ANS docs.

And most of these supplements dont' have much of the product they are selling. Xango sounds like a pure mangosteen product but when you read all the ADDED FRUIT CONCENTRATES&^%$#@!?

so..that's my two cents.

It's all the same story just different "fill in the blank" products.

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the link is in the faq - help yourself post

but it's easy enough


mlmwatch is part of quackwatch

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