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Mri's-----over Stimulation With Pots


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Oh my goodness-----Another MRI tonight---at 6:00pm------------ :o One on the brain---and one on my neck. I have had a lot of them done in the past, but The chiari Institute needed another set before I go see them on the 21st. It's been over six months...

Anyway I went to a different hospital this time---I liked the MRI machine better---it was open in the back. But there was a lot of vibrating which was constant---outside of the usual pings---pongs---bangs the machine makes while in use. It felt like a fast thumping heart beat that was constant---and I was already over stimulated----------------------------

Otherwise--I'm not claustrophobic, just very overstimulated by the noise. I think the loud rhythmic vibrating did it this time....

It took an entire hour this time---because extra cuts were required.

Are any of you bothered by the noise when getting an MRI? I know we get ear plugs---music ect., but you can still hear it. I'm told folks that have chiari, and chiari realted conditions are extremely sensitive to loud noises. I know POTS folks are too---so if you have both conditions----well-------- B)B):o

Tonight I took another half of my beta blocker---and one extra 1/4 of my klonopin----took the edge off, but I still feel my body vibrating.

I hope I can get some relief somehow from all this spine/chiari mess----i wish there was a way around surgery........... :P



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i am sorry that you had such a rough time and i hope that soon you will feel better. i am sensitive to loud noises too but i usually just get light-headed or dizzy. i usually get anxious doing any type of testing. i'm not afraid of the test themselves but rather what they will tell the doctors. usually everything is insignificant but... it is still something i can worry over so i do it. i hope that all turns out well for you in the future and i hope that you don't have to go through that anymore. :)

dionna :P

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i am really sensitive to noise as well...(i need to pretty much be in the dark and total silence suring the day till i feel "OK" for stimulation) did they give you ear plugs? I know they dont muffle the sound very well.. but something is better then nothing with all that racket..

i hope tha you feel better soon.. and that you get some answers as a result of the tests today.. take care

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Thanks for the replies girls---------- :)

Too bad we are so oversensitive to noise----------MRI's are no fun with this. I was used to having MRIs---as I have had several, but the last couple of times it was just nerve wracking.

I don't have much of a choice lately---my brain stem symptoms are getting worse, or at least I'm showing the RED Flags of it................

I pray I don't need surgery--------------it's complicated---and my head hurts too much to try and explain it.



I'm just wondering how in the world I'll handle the ride to NY on the 21st. I'm having trouble going across town---------my cervical/cranial area is a wobbly mess.

The pain is getting so bad it's making me nauseated----getting nauseated is a big deal for me because I rarely get this. I have IBS/constipation and belly aches---gas ect----------but that has usually been it.

I need some encouragement-----and prayers..........................

Thanks for reading...


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