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How Low Is Too Low?

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How low is too low for blood pressure? I was told to contact my dr when my systolic pressure went below 100, so I did...then they said when it went below 90...so I did...but they don't seem to concerned about it. My bp last night was 79/30 (and I'm a pretty big girl) Can anyone tell me what a too-low number would be?


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hey sarah,

most docs dont get too concerned by the actual pressure numbers (usually not low numbers, they get more concerned with high numbers) unless the patient is symptomatic. actually my cardiologist told me that they dont even classify a patient as having true hypotension unless the patient is symptomatic.

my professor's BP is low, but this is normal for her - her BP runs around 78/60 and the docs arent alarmed by it because she is not symptomatic........organs (especially the brain/kidneys) are compromised once systolic pressure hits around 60 or lower.

79/30 is definitely low, and i am assuming you were/are symptomatic with those numbers? i'd let your doc know either way, whether symptomatic or not...

take care and feel better.

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Hi Sara,

It depends on how often and how low your blood pressure gets...for example, my BP drops dangerously low every time I stand, so if I were to call the doctor every time my pressure was "too low", I'd always be on the phone.

Like Cardiactec said, I'd worry less about the numbers and more about how you feel. If 100/70 makes you feel sick, than that's too low, if you feel fine at 80/40, then that's not too low for you.

Is your BP constantly dropping? If so you may want to talk to your doctor about medication to treat that. I'm on midodrine and mestinon and they've really helped to keep my BP stable.


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Most people say 90/60 is still pretty healthy. Over here they don't tend to say you shoudl do anything if your systolic drops below 100. I feel at my best when I'm running at 110/70 or higher. Any lower and I start to tail off. I personally get twitchy and want to contact the Dr when I go below 85-90 systolic as that for me is usually the warning sign that something is wrong. Let us know how you get on!

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hi the lowest they've gotten my bp at is 45/23 and the highest being 195/145.. i've had no bottom number more then once.. i agree that it will depend on how you are feeling with varying bp's.. how symptomatic that you are..

I've had bp's of 60/40 and i would still be talking.. not feeling real hot but still talking. other time my bp can be "normal" but i feel horrible.. i've found that if you can chart your bp.. and pulse too.. and by doing that see when you feel your best.. see where your pressure is at. for me personally i feel best if my bp is about 100/68.. right on the nose if it is higher or lower then that i feel cruddy. same with pulse rates.. i've found that me a pulse running better 70-77 is perfect.. again any higher or lower.. causes yuckiness..

it would be good to talk to your do maybe about a med to stablize your bp.. raise it or lower it whatever needs to be done...

midrine and florinef. and mestinon.. are drugs used to help raise bp.

good lcuk to you

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