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New Drug, Lyrica?


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Has anyone tried Lyrica for neuropathy?

I've had some bad reactions to some drugs in the past and am told to continue taking the meds I'm already on when I start taking Lyrica.

I can't find too much info about it as I believe it is relatively new.

Just curious is anyone has had any reactions, good or bad to it.

Also, I'm waiting (for what seems like forever) for the results of a small nerve fiber biopsy I had last month. Has anyone had one and what did they find? My docs have already told me there is probably not much they can do with the results anyway...so frustrating!

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i was on lyrica for a short time and at first i didnt notice a bad or good reaction either way.. but about a week into it i started breaking out in a rash...

i hope that it helps you.. i was on it for severe leg pain of an unknown origin... good luck to you.. and yes it is a newer drug out.

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I'm currently taking Lyrica 75mg twice daily. However, due to the severe reaction I'm having to it (making me 100x's more dizzy than I already am, and I cut my dose in half until I see my doctor in a week). It doesn't seem to be having any beneficial effect on my severe leg pain, so I'm not sure what he'll suggest I try next.

I've been living on vicodin (about 6 pills per day), which my GP wants me to be weaned off of. Unless there's something out there that will reduce the pain without making my other symptoms worse, I'm going to insist on the traditional pain medications (narcotics).

I realize that there are many tradeoff's when taking narcotics so often, for long periods of time, but the pain management is my only concern.

I don't think they appreciate what it's like to live with this chronic PAIN.

Anyway, if you come across something that works for you and find the side affects bearable, please keep me in mind and let me know!

I wish you much success and ease of your pain symptoms with whatever they end up putting you on.

Hang in there!

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