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When I'm Pregnant I Will Need An Ob

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Hello, We are planing to have our 2nd child and looking for a OB, any recommendations in Cleveland Ohio?

I had my first at Metro, I would prefer not to go with a docter that delivers there. I was diagnosed 8 years ago with POTS, no complications with my first pregancy, but would feel better with a docter that has atleast heard of POTS. Thanks

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I don't know any good doctors, but I wanted to bump this topic back up to give it another chance :)

I'm surprised this is not a bigger topic, I saw a high risk docter, I had appointments every two weeks untill the last month was one week. I also stayed on toprol xl my whole pregnacy, I would of preferred not to be on anything. Is it common to be high risk? Does anyone not stay on there meds? Anyone have complications? I can't be the only one with questions and concerns. Thanks

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Many with POTS are considered high risk. I've not had any children but if I'm ever healthy enough to concieve, I would also be considered high-risk. I know there are many mothers on this forum, some of which have had children while sick with POTS, so hopefully someone will be able to better answer your questions.

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dizzy me -

the reason it's probably not a "bigger topic" at the moment is that it has been discussed many times before, some not too long ago. a search on pregnancy and/or other related words should point you in the right direction.

regarding a specific doctor, i'm in the cleveland area but that's probably the one specialty i don't have recommendations from. if i were you though i would probably pursue a doctor through university hospitals as they have a well-respected woman's hospital - the only one around.

all the best,

:) melissa

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Pregnant POTS patients are not necessarily considered high risk. I think if you become pregnant and are on meds and unstable with symptoms you would probably be considered "high risk". A patient who is stable, and off meds would not automatically be considered "high risk". POTS itself is not a risk to the fetus, the pregancy or the mother, necessarily. Having to take certain medications, for example, bumps a pregnant patient to "high-risk". that is my understanding.

I think the reason you are not getting more responses to this question is the request for a recommendation for a physician in a specific geographical area. If you have questions about meds during pregnancy, you might want to start a new topic. Also, as Melissa stated, pregnancy is a popular topic on this forum.

Many POTS patients take meds during pregnancy. I did not b/c I was undiagnosed. I would want to avoid any meds during pregnancy. Doctors opinions on this vary. My POTS specialist has stated that he never recommends ANY meds during a pregnancy. My new ob/gyn states that certain meds are ok after the first trimester. There are known risks and side effects of certain meds, others are unknown. Beta-blockers, for example, may reduce blood flowto the fetus and result in growth retardation (slower growth-has nothing to do with normal brain development). SSRI's are likely to cause withdrawal symptoms in an infant in the days after birth. These known effects, and the unknown risk, needs to be evaluated in the context of an individual patient's condition.

Good luck with your pregnancy!


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