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Birth Control & Bp Meds

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Full of questions today I guess! B) Just curious for those of you on Midodrine and/or Florinef as well as BC, has the BC been a problem for you??? I think I have heard that BC can raise one's BP, just curious if you had to reduce any of the BP meds while youa re one BC...



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i am on "birth control" for the very reason of keeping my BP more stable throughout time (aka to avoid the dips i used to have before my period). i have never been on it without also being on midodrine, though i don't think i also took florinef at the same time. i am also on multiple other things - meds & lifestyle "stuff" to help keep my BP up. it's never been a problem for me.

everyone's different so make sure all of your docs know everything that you take & ask them if you're concerned.

B) melissa

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