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I recently had a five hour glucose test in which my doctor took my blood pressure as well as a blood test every half hour. Is there any relationship between glucose levels and dysautonomia?

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Glucose issues, if I'm not mistaken" are on "the list", especially reactive hypoglycemia. At my worst, my blood pressure falls out on me if I have sugar. I also bought a glucometer, and have noticed that my sugar will drop from exercise. Like down to 50.

Endocrinologist ordered me to pretend to be a diabetic in terms of diet. For now, sugar issues seem to have gone away. Hope they stay away.


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Hi Mom2Abby, :blink:

I think there is a connection. I have seen blood glucose problems mention here a few times before. It would well be worth a search in the forum's archives to see which catagory you fall into, and how it is being treated. I can't remember the details but it sounded fairly common and there were some good suggestions too.

p.s. I have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) but my blood sugar is only elevated in the morning! Go figure! With this disorder, even the most straight-forward complications, our bodies screw it up!! ;)

Take care, Maggs

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A dr. I saw wanted me to do the 5 hr GTT, I chickened out. He said that if I started to experience symptoms at any point I could stop the test. Hanging around 5hrs at the lab is no fun, plus I would have to take my littlest guy.

I also read the hypoglycemia is one of the many diagnosis they look at and/or exclude in the process.

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