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I Go See My Favorite Doc Again Tomorrow

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I go for the follow up TTT tomorrow in the morning. I'm having it done with my new favorite doc (my cardio). She's super amazing and wonderful and the only doctor I've seen in years that didn't make me feel like a nutter!!!

I'm also going for an echo on Thursday. She listened to my heart and looked at the results of the looping moniter and was very upset that no one had ordered one already. My heart seemed fine while I was sitting, but, when she took a listen both while I was supine and upright, she didn't like what she heard. She wasn't any more specific than that, but, she did seem quite concerned. HHHMMMM......any thoughts on what that could be?

Anyway, I'm checking in to hospital at 7:30am, so I should know something this time tomorrow!!! I'm really nervous that it's going to come back at 28 beats per minute increase again and then I'm (technically) not DX with POTS. UGH!!! Then what, aye?

I'll let y'all know what happens!!! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and I get some meds so that maybe I'll start to feel better. (sniff, sniff) I'm tired of feeling this way and so are my children and husband (of course).


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Guest sonotech

Hi Rebecca,

I wish you ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD!!!!!! I am sure you will get some answers this time. It sounds like you have a great doc!

And sorry you're not feeling well!


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Good luck, I am glad you are going for another TTT. I hope there are able to find the problem. Also it sounds like you have a great doctor that is great to hear. I wish you the best, and please let us know how things go!

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