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Beta Blockers And Increased Anxiety

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Has anyone had a feeling of increased anxiety when adjusting to Beta Blockers? I've started on Metoprolol 50mg and noticed my once gone anxiety is now creeping back. If you had an increase in anxiety (not depression) did it calm down once your body got used to the new hr's.

I could just have anxiety from trying a new med that's why I'm asking if anyone else experienced this when starting BB's

Thank you


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I could not tolerate Zebeta - I had one continuous anxiety attack for almost 10 hours, it was horrible. I am on Toprol XL though, and have no side effects except slight loss of energy. I am taking Florinef though, which seems to help with the energy issue.

I get anxiety whenever starting a new drug as well.....sometimes its hard for me to tell if its the drug or my natural tendancy to freak out with new substances in my body :)

Good luck!


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I had an anxiety attack (not a bad one mind you) prior to taking a newly prescribed BB. I was terrified of the affects (talking myself into negative effects of the drug) right after the script was filled. I was certain that my symptoms would get worse than ever as my body tried to figure out what I just put into it.

I'm relieved to say that the Toprol XL, 25mg per day is working wonders for me. Granted that I feel more tired than I did before (coming from someone who is dx'd with chronic fatigue syndrome to boot).... but, the overall benefits are enough to keep me taking it daily.

I hope that the anxiety will be short lived for you and that you find you're able to have your system adjust quickly and calmly.


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