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What Will Sedate Me?

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I have flown a few times and have done okay, but my last flight was very scary (to me) b/c of some things that happened on the plane (like coming within 500 feet of crashing into another plane up in the night sky). I am TERRIFIED to get back on a plane, but my husband and I are going to a Convention later this year so I really want to go with him.

So...... what is there that will MAKE me sleep for about 5-6 hours?? I have taken things like Tylenol PM, valium, vicodin, darvocet, percocet, nyquil, cold meds for night-time.... most of those things work like "uppers" for me and keep me jittery and awake during the night.

I will ask my doctor for ideas and will check with him before I take anything, obviously... but I was just wondering if any of you knew of something that would knock you out for 6 hours?

Thanks. :(

-Rachel who wants to stay on the ground but if she has to get up in the air she wants to SLEEP THROUGH IT!

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The only thing that worked for me was a 10mg dose of ambien, which I took just after take-off. I slept all the way to Europe. :(


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I use Benedryl - ( OTC for allergy). It keeps my ears from clogging (change in altitude can cause ear aches) and makes me so drowsy.

Why not just call your doctor and ask what he suggests- he might be able to call in a Rx to your pharmacist for something stronger. Hope you enjoy the comvention. :)

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I was on a commercial flight that belly flopped on a runway because the landing gear wouldn't come down when I was 15. I wouldn't fly for years so I understand your fear.

Now I take a Klonopin (a larger dose than I normally take) about 30 minutes before boarding so I can at least sleep or be sedated enough to not care. I also remind myself how rare it would be for something like that to happen to me twice in one lifetime!

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