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Olfactory Hallucinations Revisited

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NO FREAKING WAY!!!!! I've had olfactory "hallucinations" for years. I always smell something nasty, too. I smell garbage, poop, rotting meat, etc. Obviously, no one else smells these things. I just assumed that I was crazy.

I had gone online and couldn't figure out what to call it. LOL.........so, clearly, I never got anywhere with my searches.

Do other POTS folks have these, too? IS it a symptom? Should I tell my Cardiologist about it when I meet her on Thursday. I need to start making a list because I've been sick for so long and I've just gotten used to all the weird things that my body does (that other's don't) I'm afraid that I'm going to get in front of her and not have anything to say. (Score one for BRAIN FOG, aye??)


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I had olfactory hallucinations for a while. I would get whiffs of stale cigarette smoke. This was before I figured out that I had POTS. My doctor had no idea where the smells were coming from, but put me on prednisone and asthma medicines for breathing troubles. The smells went away after a week, and so far haven't come back.

While I was going nuts with the smell of smoke, I found this:

Parosmia involves a distortion of the sense of smell -- the affected person reports smelling something other than the scent which is present -- for example, the person sniffs a banana but it smells like rotting flesh instead of a banana. Phantosmia involves olfactory hallucinations -- that is, there is no odorant present, but the affected person reports smelling something, usually something unpleasant.

The rest of the article is at http://personal.ecu.edu/wuenschk/Parosmia.htm

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AAACCCKK!!!!! This comes up the same day I accused the kitty of doing something in the fireplace.... Fortunately, He didn't get punished, I just cleaned out his litter box really good.

About a month ago I kept thimking I smelled something dead in the kitchen.

Hubby is convinced (Okay, I am too!) that I have Olfactory hallucinations....

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That is so, so weird -- I also get these strong whiffs of ammonia. My husband thinks I am totally nuts. I wonder what this is? It tends to happen when I am about to have a flareup of my POTS symptoms.


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