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Smart Pill To Help Dx Gastroparesis


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wow thanks sophia for posting this!! the article is very interesting!!.. boy.. I've been thru a lengthy work up on my stomach isues with no clue as to waht is going on!!.. i would like to have the oppertuity someday to do this test as.. it sounds acurate!

thanks again for the info!

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i had heard of this on the gastroparesis discussion list i pop in on. it's definitely interesting.

and just to clarify, it's different than the camera pill you're referring to lois. obviously has some similarities but what it actually monitors is different. this one doesn't take pictures but rather tracts the exact location/movement through the GI tract. the camera pill is more concerned with exactly that...taking pictures. it's probably where they got the idea for this newer one though.

i am glad that this pill is supposed to "last" five days....it might take that long to get through me if i ever get to try it!

:) melissa

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