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30 Day Event Monitor


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I was wondering if anyone has worn a 30 day event monitor. I've got someone coming out to my house on Monday to hook me up. I've only worn a 24 holter in the past and have no idea what this one will be like. Can you shower? How does it record the irregular rythms only? Or maybe it just records everything? I don't understand how it works.

I've had so many tests and just am feeling terribly discouraged. My cardio informed me last week that I have high blood pressure now on top of everything else and prescribed a calcium channel blocker. This is on top of already taking a beta blocker and I'm not happy about it.

The good news is that I've located an EP and will be seeing her next month. I hope I have better success with her but don't have much hope. I know she is an EP but I don't know what her experience is with POTS, OI, IST, or CFIDS. I don't know if I will ever get a correct diagnosis. I dream about actually learning what the cause is of my sinus tachycardia.

If anyone who has worn a 30 day event monitor would explain what its like to me I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


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I'm wearing one right now and have had them a few times in the past.

The event monitor is different than the holter. The holter is a continous recording of your heart. The event monitor is smaller and you push a button when you notice a palpitation, skip, chest pain, etc. What was your main symptom or problem when the doctor told you that they were going to have you wear one?

You change the electrodes everyday. So you can shower and put fresh electrodes on. The event monitor usually records 30 seconds before you pushed the button and 30 seconds after you pushed it. The monitor usually stores 3-5 events and then you call in to down load your recordings. They will walk you through it. At that time they ask you what time and date the event occured, what you were doing and the symptom that you felt, i.e. shortness of breath, palpitation, etc. They will give you a journal usually to keep track of the details.

I hate recording around anyone because people can hear it. I usually duck out of a public area quickly.

Good luck


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i just finished my event monitor. it's just as briarrose said. mine recorded for one minute before i pushed and then 30 seconds after. make sure you change electrodes everyday even if you don't shower, as they dry out and they can also irritate the skin. it is very easy to use and you can wear it on a belt around your waist like a beeper. it does make a somewhat annoying noise but only for about 30 seconds. you play it back over the phone. it's pretty amazing. much better than holter i think as you cna't predict when you are going to have arrythmias. good luck! morgan

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