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Saw The Surgeon Fro My Colonoscopy

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hi everyone----------- :)

I went to the Surgeon last Friday who will do my coloscopy, but she is going to try to see if she can find a hospital who can do a 64 slice cat scan first. She was great about my POTS issues, and my sensitivity to drugs-----she took them very seriously.

Although I'm plugging along and functioning somewhat, I'm really a train wreck lately, and at this point I don't know which disorder is causing what. I'm not able to handle stress----even good stress. I need to sleep a lot lately---even take naps. MY BPs have been so low, and I've had some near syncope spells that were pretty strong. My heart Rate is trigger happy----and it has not been a picnic the last several weeks.

The medical tech who took my BP in the surgeons office said it was in the 80s/something, so he took it again on the other arm---it was still only 90/60---and this was sitting. When the Doc saw this, she said if I have to have the colonoscopy it will be done as an IN patient, and I will have an anesthesiologist attending. She really would like to go the cat scan route, but if polyps are found then I'll have to go through the whole clean out process again for the colonoscopy-----polyps have to be removed for a biopsy.

She said this type of cat scan is excellent, and will see the same thing a colonoscopy will, but the catch is I may still need a colonoscopy depending on what they see. She really wants to avoid drugs with me if possible. She is the one who did my Dad's colonoscopy yesterday, and I sat and waited for him, and for her to give me the results. When she came out we discusssed my Dad----he's OK, but has a longer bowel the usual---about a 1/3 longer the average---and it's torqued---or twisted, so she could not get up far enough. He then had a barium enema an hour later since he was already cleaned OK. WE think he's going to come out well----other then diverticuli----he's 74---so not bad.

Meanwhile we talked about dysautonomia some more---(we also talked about it at length on my office visit with her last week). She said it's so complex---and the ANS is located all over out body---she was very intrigued, and sincere. I showed her the book I was reading by Dr. David Goldstein on "Adrenaline and the Inner World". She was interested, and took down the name and author......... then she said she is in hot persuit of a good radiologist who has performed many of this type of cat scan. She would rather I go this route first---and she want's to make sure the cat scan is done right the first time by an experienced radiologist.

My Dad and brother like her a lot. She is the surgeon who did my brother's bowel resection and informed us about his cancer. She was so nice, and answered so many questions, we just decided she will be the general surgeon of choice for our whole family.

When she came to meet with me after my Dad's colonoscopy----when she entered the waiting room, she said "Hey lady who are your feeling"----------how many surgeons have you seen act like this. She is really a nice an sincere person---which is rare to see........... :):)

Julie :0)

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Hi Julie,

I'm glad you found a great surgeon. These days it's hard to come by one who's soo caring. My GI doc wants to do a Colonoscopy on me, but I don't know if I really want to do it just because of all the stuff you have to go through with it. I wonder if a CT Scan could be done instead?! I've had differ tests where I've had to drink the gross liquids, etc. I didn't think that was pleasant so I don't know about this whole colonoscopy.

My doc also mentioned about looking into my stomache...I'm not sure what type of test that is, but it would be like a colonoscopy...I think that's what he said.

Anyhow, It's great that she was interested in the ANS problems. There goes another doc who will have some knowledge about us! :) Do you know when you are going to have the testing done? Let us know how things go and what tests you end up having!


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Guest Julia59

Thanks Jacquie,

First---I should say------------------THIS IS A SECOND OPINION------the first GI doc was pretty decent, but I was concerned that he was kind of casual about my drug sensitivities. I don't know why I didn't think of Dr. Cashen in the first place. She is a very cool Doctor-----not full of herself---ya know what I mean------- ;)

The test your doctor is talking about is a endoscopy. It's much quicker then the colonoscopy, or at least it seemed that way when I had it done in 2001----seemed liked it only took about 3 minutes. I had a hard time with the after affects of the drugs they used. I didn't know what was wrong with me yet, but knew I had a sensitivity to drugs.

I should know some time next week what kind of test i'll end up haivng. They definately want to see what my insides look like after suffering years and years of belly aches. Hopefully it will be just the IBS----she didn't seem all that concerned about the diverticuli in the small intestine that I talked about. She said although it's rather large---it's actually to have a larger one, then a smaller one, as the small ones get plugged easier, and can cause obstruction. She said it's harder for food particles to get out of the small diverticuli. That was a relief to hear, as the GI Doc who saw me years ago told me surgery is not fun in that area fo the bowel, becuase it is near my jejenum, and biles ducts.

I do thing the diverticuli puts a monkey wrench into things sometimes, which I think may be why I'm so prone to constipation. Also the stuff with my upper spine/and the pots will cause that as well---due to the over activity of my sympathetic NS.

Take Care,

Julie :0)

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