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Sometimes Doctors Make Me Soo Angry!!!

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There was a great episode of Golden Girls that was rerun just a couple of days ago on Lifetime (yeah, guess who's spending time on the couch instead of out doing things. Bah). Anyways, Dorothy is sick and finally sees a specialist up in New York where's she's diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. She goes back to the dr. who told her she was just getting older and maybe depressed about it and tells him (and this isn't an exact quote) "I wish all doctors would get very sick and very scared just once in their career. Then you would know to listen to your patients."

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I think many share your feelings---

Also that episode of "Golden Girls" was very groundbreaking for it's time -- I remember. I believe one of the writers/producers had CFIDS and used her experiences for that episode!! Done with humor, but made many great points.

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Guest CyberPixie

Like Ernie said, if Dr's don't know whats wrong with you, they blame it on you and just say you're depressed or anxious.

You could try saying, 'If I am anxious or depressed, the only reason why I am is that no one is helping me with my illness!'.

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When I initially got so sick I went to the doctor over and over again. I kept telling him that something was very wrong. On my 3rd visit I was so frustrated because he was telling me I had CFIDS. I had never heard of the disease at the time and basically kept shaking my head no. I told him not to cop out and find out what was really wrong with me. He looked at me and wrote out a prescription for Prozac. This made me angry.

I said to him "If you are uncomfortable with me being upset at being ill then YOU need medication. I am having a normal reaction to a very abnormal situation. Dumping loads of seritonin into my brain will not change the fact that something is clearly wrong here."

He's not my doctor anymore and while I now aknowledge that there is a CFIDS, I still feel that doctors view women as hysterical and I believe that some think we make up illnesses to get attention or that we blow things out of proportion.

Hooray for the good doctors.

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