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I am not sure how many of you watch nbc or the Apprentice, but on Tuesday at noon eastern. Pontiac is giving away $500,000.00 away to non profit organizations. The thing is the more people that log on at noon the more money the orgization will get. I am not sure the whole deal but it at Noon eastern on Tuesday. The web address is pontiac.com/apprentice . (You need to go to there wed address and enter)

( HOPE this is OK to POST!)

Please if you have time please take it. Dinet can use all the money they can get!

Thank you! B)


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My understanding is that this is a benefit only going to the Leary Firefighter's Foundation to fund rescue boats and prepare new orleans firefighters for this upcoming hurricane season.

This does not appear to be a "general" fund...it's only for the non-profits' the apprentice has already chosen

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I am not sure whats all going on thats why I posted and thought if you wanted you could look into it.

The thing is its going to be 100 plus charities, each entry get $1.00 to there charity if you read the rules, the bad news it I am not thinking dinet will meet the charity list, but who knows will have to check it out at noon. B)

Nothing else maybe there will be a place to type in your Charity (that would be nice)

Talk to you later!

Have a great night!

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