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Night Swelling

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Hi All,

I'm sorry I haven't been around in awhile, I'm very busy with my final exams/papers and haven't had time to do anything but study.

Over the past few months, my feet and hands have begun swelling at night. When it started, it was barely noticeable, and I figured it was just a wierd POTS thing. However, over the past few weeks, it's been getting worse...last night for example, I was up for most of the night because my feet had swollen to the point they were painful. They feel hot when this happens, and I'll even have dreams that my feet have been dipped in lava! I'm going to talk to my doctor about this, but I wanted to know if any of you have experienced this before.

I've tried sleeping with my compression hose on, and with my feet and hands elevated, but it doesn't really help any.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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Guest tearose

Wow, no, I "drain" while I sleep and am dehydrated and dryer in the morning.

Please do check this out. You are retaining too much fluid!

I don't think it is a good idea to sleep in compression!!! You may constrict something and not know about it cause you are asleep. You may be lowering your blood pressure too much.

feel better, tearose

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lauren -

i haven't had this exactly but agree that you should definitely ask your doc about this. i did have swelling in one arm from lyphadema once last year which was VERY strange. it was worse if i was laying down as opposed to upright.

also i just wanted to wish you luck on your exams/papers!

B) melissa

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I swell in my hands while I sleep, but it's because all the fluid that has accumulated in my ankles and lower legs during the day needs to go somewhere, so it goes to my hands and face. I tend to look a little puffy in the face and hands when I wake up, and a little puffy in my legs when I go to bed. I also wake up having to go to the bathroom badly because of all the fluid needing to leave my body. All of my cardiac testing comes back normal, so I have no idea why I would retain water.

In your case, it seems odd that your legs swell when you lie flat. It just doesn't make sense physiologically. I would get this checked out.


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Hi dizzy dame-

I was shocked when I heard your question, I get almost the same thing i think. Sometimes at night my feet and hands get really hot like they are on fire, and they feel really swolen. its weird cause its only my hands and feet, nothing else. I have told my doctor about this and she doesn't know what it is. I cannot sleep when this happens and I don't know what makes it go away. It usually only happens at night. Also if I put my feet in a hot tub, (like if i was getting a pedicure) My feet get really swollen.

does this sound like you or is it different


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