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Feel Toxic

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well I was on the ball this am and forgot to take my beta blocker SO I am back to my old self today. Yuck.

Anyway, it is this toxic feeling. Like there are so many orthostatic chemicals floating around that I am just buzzing and feel totally toxic. I used to feeel this way all the time. The BB helps with it.

Also I was writing and noticed that feeling I get after try ing to grip anything...Hand tries to cramp and then more yucky feelings course over me...Like a toxic yucky wave...

I think I can feel my blood flowing...lol

And I cant focus...too hard.


Anywone else get a toxid feeling sometines???

(and loss of typing ablity? lol)

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Even before dx w/ dysautonomia and POTS I wondered about toxicity. I felt at times like I had waves of toxicity rushing thru my body. Even had heavy metals testing--all negative. I still am not stable yet--in the process of trying meds for treatment.

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