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  1. Yes, I take GABA regularly. My autonomic cardio oked me taking it. I have taken it for several months now. I take 3oo mg./day. Mine also has Taurine, Inositol, and some B vitamins in it. It does not make me sleepy but it does lessen the severity of my autonomic seizure type activity. That helps me alot. I am very pleased with how it has helped me. I have not had any blood tests for it or anything like that. I have read that it can help epilepsy. Although mine is not epilepsy. it is none the less just as debilitating. I am happy to be on something natural-- An amino acid and neurotr
  2. I am off balance a lot (but just glad I'm moving again). My right side is weaker, which I didn't realize till I started P.T. I tend to lean more to the right if I'm not paying attention to how I walk. I get tipsy like I'm drunk almost. Some of mine is the weakness on that side. Even though my difference in strength is extremely noticable during therapy it wasn't noticable to me till I started P.T.and they asked me to do things with one side and then the other. Have you looked into that. You could just do simple movements to check for yourself if one side is weaker than the other.
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