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Dysautonomia Doc In Florida Or Georgia

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I'm looking for a Dysautonomia doctor in my area or state even. I was seeing Dr. Abdallah when I was in Virginia. But now that I've moved to Florida I don't know of anyone.

I'm in NorthEast Flroida, Jacksonville area. Does anyone know of doctors in Florida or even lower Georgia?

I'm with TriCare now, the military health insruance, so I may have a problem getting to someone, but even if the insurance won't approve it, I'll still go if they're a POTS or Dysautonomia doc.

I was referred to a doc here in JAX at one of the downtown hospitals and he said he'd seen NCS, but not a chronic form before and not POTS. I have NCS, primary and POTS secondary. That was fine, I would see him every 6 months and consult with Doc A over the phone when I had problems. But now he's moved back to North Carolina where he's from 20 some years ago according to a letter I got in the mail. I'm supposed to call the office and they'll help me reschedule with another doctor. Only thing with that is, this doc said there was nobody else in the practice who'd seen it etiher.

So I'm hoping y'all know of a doc that specializes in Dysautonima.

Thanks, UnicornIsis

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You should look at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville...when I was there a couple years ago they had a specialist.

There's also a doc. in Pensacola...it's would be a 5 hour drive from Jacksonville...I'm not sure about GA. Have you looked at the physician's list on DINET?

I hope you find someone soon! :)

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Hi there,

What about this doctor...?

Dr. William Cheshire

Mayo Clinic


4500 San Pablo Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32224


He's on our physician list. There's also a resident there named Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn who works with us. She is very interested in dysautonomia and has a great attitude as well.


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HI there. I went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. There's a cardiologist there who is also an EP named Fred Kusumoto. I think he is absolutely wonderful. He's very knowledgable about POTS and autonomic disorders. He's treated several POTS patients before. I have even called his secretary on two occassions when I was having severe problems and Dr. Kusumoto called me back the same day to discuss my concerns on the phone.

I found him to be much more helpful and knowledgeable about dysautonomia than Dr. Cheshire, whom I also saw at Mayo. But that's my personal opinion. Others may have had good experiences with him.

Bottom line is I would highly recommend Dr. Kusumoto.


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