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Doctor Appointment On Thursday!


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Hello All!

Well today I turned 27 years old. The only thing I want this year if for my docotor appointment to go well on thursday at 9:45. My doctors been talking about me having another EP study done and then cleaning up the scare tissue in my heart and then working on the av node again if it looks like this is still one of the problems.

See what been going on is over the last month my POTS is getting better, but as the POTS get better my heart is starting to do its own thing again. My pacer only help with with the slpw beats, I am now getting woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, and then it feels like is skips a beat or two then my pacer will kick in. From the test I have had done the doctor aid it is not POTS, but SVPT and am also having R and T waves. So they want to go in and fix what they can.

Now part of me wants to do this, and am hoping this will fix the problem. But over the last few years and other EP studies and abltions I have been let done way to much. I guess part of me just wants to find anyway to feel better and go back to work...... but what if it doesn't help????

The good news is I am starting Erythopoietin on thursday. I am alittle worried aobut side effects, but I think it's worth it to see if it will help with my low blood volume!

Well I am worried, and just looking for somthing to get me better, and back to work. Maybe I should just learn to deal with how I am now, but I am so worried about my husband, and now with his own heart problems I need him to slow done. So I really need to find a way to feel good enough to join the working class again. I been waiting for SSDI to come thought, but that taking way to long...... the only good news with that ot O have the doctor appointment with there doctor on May 5, I hope I will hear good new soon, but am not getting my hope up. THat why I am trying to do everything in my power to get better.

Sorry so going on, just getting everything off my chest so I fell better!


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