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Mbt Masai Shoes


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I bought a pair of the MBT masai shoes. I am so stupid. I am wheel chair bound and haven't even worn them.

I would like to sell them. I paid 270.00 for them, but will not sell them for that much. They are useless to me, but may be of great help to someone who is able to walk and get the benefit from them. I even have the dvd that goes with them.

They are size 37 EUR, 5.5 US, 4.5 UK.

They are black leather suede. If anyone is interested you can pm or email me and I can send a picture.

Just in case anyone is interested. morgan

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I just bought a pair of the sandals. I tried on the regular close-toe styles in the store and they are too wide to stay on my feet. I need a AA or even an AAAA in the heel to keep shoes on. The MBTs are very wide. No amount of thick socks will make them fit a foot so narrow as mine and they only come in one width.

The sandals are very adjustable and so seem to fit, but when I walk in them in the house the straps make very red marks on my skin even under socks, so they probably have to go back to the store, which they can within 2 weeks if not worn outside.

HOWEVER, I have experienced walking in these shoes and my opinion is that they are fabulous. They feel very stable and give me a springy step and yes, they do align my poor posture into a better stance. They are actually good looking, too, and a casual observer would not notice that they are really different in the soles.

I would love to have a pair that actually fit me. I am going to try to get in touch with the manufacturor or inventor to see if they will make a pair for me. I know the possibility is slim (just like my feet!) but these shoes are truly revolutionary.

An aside: Jeff bought some deck wash and finish (2-step process) and I tried following the instructions to clean our Trex deck which has black mold spots. This product is for removing mold spots. It did not work as directed so I got down on hands and knees and scrubbed with it. It worked a little but not like it should. So I noticed on the container that the manufacturer is in Detroit and I called the phone number and invited the rep to come on over to my house and clean my deck with his product -- that it doesn't work as instructed. He said he would call back. He called back 5 minutes later and said "How about Monday at 2?"

My point being: It never hurts to ask! Therefore, I am going to persue getting a pair of these shoes to fit me!

Morgan, I am so sorry that you cannot wear your shoes. I know you have tried everything possible to get walking. Don't give up hope. Things do change, and sometimes we can't even figure out why.

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Thanks guys, I'm not even getting nibbles on ebay. Sigh, so I just sit and look at them and feel guilty that I spent so much on something I can't even use.

I hope they can do this for you Jan. The one time I wore them for 10 minutes, I actually felt it the next day. I am sure they would work with you and they look like they last forever, so would be worth the cost. Good luck! morgan

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If you haven't worn them, why can't you return them to the store? Or even the company? People have ways to tell if shoes have been worn outside, so if there are no tread marks, I don't see why they aren't returnable in this situation? Perhaps a plea to customer service is in order, sure is a lot of money to waste, the company has to understand that, no?

Also, FYI for anyone interested, a very CHEAP, economical way to get the same basic effect of these shoes is one of 2 things. Buy a gymnast mat, the thicker (at least 2 inches, preferably thicker) kind, so that your feet sink into it when you walk, or buy a 2x4x10 and walk back and forth on that. Both of these force you to utilize muscles not needed on stable ground. Walking on the 2x4 in a straight line is no easy feat, neither is walking on an unstable mat, which feels like sand. Both of these cost less than $15 and can really be done by anyone. If they need assistance hold onto someone, or place mat or board near a wall, wear shoes, as you improve don't use help, go barefoot, go forwards and backwards, toe to toe instead of larger steps, etc. There are many ways to use these cheap tools to get the same results as spending a few hundred $$$ on shoes, not to mention orthostatic reconditioning by being upright for short periods of time.

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Did you try to return them? The sandals I have can go back if only worn inside within 2 weeks. However if you explain that you have not even worn them?

Interesting info: I called the US distributor. They told me that the maker of the shoes has turned down some NBA players who were willing to pay the big bucks to have the shoes made in their size. So I probably don't stand a chance.

About the deck. The guy came and tried the cleaner double strength and it worked swell. So after he left I mixed up a double strength batch and guess what? Didn't work worth a darn. Now this a.m. I have coated the entire deck with double strenght and am letting it sit there for 20 min. Moral of this story is twofold:

Ask and you shall recieve.

Be careful what you ask for!

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I had to order them. We had new carpet and vinyl laid to make it easier to use my chair and now I can't find the receipt or the box! I think my husband tossed them in his zeal to get everything cleaned out for the workers. I do have the credit card receipt, so maybe I could at least email and ask them. Thanks. morgan

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