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My Surgery Today/son Started Atenolol

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Just dropping in to update & send my regards to everyone!

I am still too ill for much posting since my last post...still waiting

for a neurology appt. (end of June) cardiology appt? Today I will be

having my 2nd gastroscopy & colonoscopy. A bit dehydrated from the prep.

Still relying on Midodrine.

My oldest daughter is still taking florinef & midodrine. She is

recovering from a laparoscopy she had earlier this month. It went well.

She is seeing her cardiologist in June as well.

My youngest 10, my son, had a big crash yesterday...BP fell to 75/36 HR

went up to 147. He started on his new medication shortly after this.

His 2nd dose was this morning so we will see. They put him on the beta

blocker Atenolol. He sees his cardiogist mid-May for a tilt table test

at the children's hospital.

Thats my updates for now! Take Care! You are all in my thoughts!

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Guest Mary from OH

It sounds like your son's dose of Atenolol is too high for him or he is unable to tolerate the drug. You should call his dr. I had a bad reaction like that once. My dr took me off the med immediately.

Good luck with all your testing.

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Thanks for your replies! I hope from my health to improve more at some point so I can spend more time posting again. I miss the group! Here's the update.

Surgery is over...thank God! Had severe dehydration...lots of IV fluids.

Required oxygen...as my level fell during the procedure due to my

asthma, sinus, & upper respiratory infection. I failed to fall asleep

during the procedure again just like last time. The procedure of

painful at times, although it was over very quickly. They found no

polyps this time...thank God! I still have the same prior things they

found during my last gastroscopy/colonoscopy. The only new thing they

found was a hemmorrhoid very high in my colon that was the source of

the rectal bleeding I have been having...so not too serious there. They

did 8 biopsies...results in 7-10 days. My BP/HR did well through the

procedure! Yay! I slept for 24 hrs after the procedure. Today, I am

achey & wiped out...but soooo glad it is over!

My son is tolerating & responding to the atenolol so far! Thank God!

His cardiologist called today & scheduled his TTT for May 16th at the

Children's Hospital.

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