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Ephedrine For Pots

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Hi, this is my first post. I'm dealing with POTS. I've just learned I have this about 4 months ago...I have made major adjustments to my lifestyle and I'm managing it fairly well. However, the most helpful thing I use to deal with this is Ephedrine, 25 mg every 4 hours on average. I don't have a active doctor relationship, I'm working on getting into see a POTS specialist. But I have had a full autonomic lab workup that has ruled out PAF. The report suggested I could have POTS but that clinical review was necessary. I know I have orthostatic intolerance, and my heart rate and BP measurements seem to meet the criteria for POTS.

My central question is: is it unusual for someone with POTS to be helped so much by taking Ephedrine? If I don't take it, I have blood pooling in my hands and feet and other OI symptoms.

And does the fact that ephedrine have a positie effect on my condition, tell us anything about the cause or type of autonomic dysfunction I have?

Thank you all for this forum--I have been a reader over the past couple of months, and some of the suggestions I've learned from you have made a real impact on the quality of my life.

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Joe, welcome to the forum. Not sure what type of folks respond best to ephedrine; but many do. If you've not read the main DINET site, I will point you to this page http://www.dinet.org/what_helps.htm

and skim down to the the section on "vasoconstrictors", of which, ephedrine is one.


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