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Help!!! Heat Problems In My Building

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Hi all,

My building STILL hasn't switched the AC on and over the past two weeks, my apartment has gotten up to 85 degrees during the day. Needless to say, the heat makes me extremely ill. I've had to go out and buy a $300 dollar window unit in order to stay conscious, but I'm still unable to get the apartment to a temperature where I can function and have been bedridden for the past week or so.

I've contacted my building manager several times and explained to her that I have heat intolerance, and that I could injure myself fainting because of the heat but she still refuses to turn the AC on---citing that the building's policy is to turn it on in mid to late May!

I contacted a lawyer today who told me to go to Maryland housing services and file a complaint, but I was wondering if any of you know if I have a leg to stand on (not that I CAN stand--har har har :) ). I feel like my rights as a disabled person are being violated. Any advice, tips, insight? Have any of you had to file a complaint/hire a lawyer because of poor treatment before?



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Thanks Pooh,

I went to the HUD website and looked at the Americans with Dissablilities Act provisions, my rights are most certainly being voilated and I have a good case for both a complant with HUD, and a civil suit if I wish to persue it. I'm going to call my local HUD office tomorrow and try to expedite the complaint since my health is being jeapordized (when isn't it??? :) ).

It's so frustrating having to be sick and defend being sick ALL of the time. I didn't have energy to do things like this and balance my life before getting sick, now I have to do it all with a blood pressure of 90/50!

I would ask rhetorically "When will it end?"... but I know it won't :( *sigh*

Hopefully they'll turn on the air soon, otherwise I'm going to turn into a puddle on the floor! :)



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I know....it's awful the ways we are forced to spend our energy sometimes.

Please keep us posted so that others can learn what to do if they are ever in your situation.

You probably already know this but document everything, date, times and who you spoke to. Anything you mail, mail it certified, return receipt requested, keep copies of everything

Good luck

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You need to check with your state, it''s only 24 hours on most states if it is over 85 outside. ( I was an community manager for a few years. Also if you have a health promlbe and you address with they they need to take of it right away. (Remeber to make it in wirting wuth the time and date.) I hope this will help!


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