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For those buying support hose...

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Hey guys, just thought I'd share a coupon code with you that's valid for 10% off all their support hosiery (Ames, Jobst, etc.) through 5/19/04. The code is spring04 and their web address is http://www.ameswalker.com

They're also offering free shipping in the US and Canada if you spend more than 60$

I'm not affiliated with these folks in any way, nor am I advertising their product--only sharing this for those who were thinking of buying and would like a discount. I've ordered from Ames Walker in the past and paid full price...10% off would have meant I'd have saved quite a bit!


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Hi, I buy from ames walker all the time as they seem to have the best prices I've found. Once you get on their mailing list they give you 10% off coupons for each holiday. That even includes holidays like President's Day, etc. So if you miss this go around they should offer again for Memorial weekend.

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Hey, I buy from them too. They are by far the least expensive that I've found. I like waist high ones. I tried the thigh-hi, but they are too tight at the top. Deb

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