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Carafate, Also Pots Probs Show Up On Ultrasound?

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My PCP put me on Carafate for my stomach probs. Is anyone else on this or ever tried it?

I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 18th and I am wondering if this stomach problem is related to POTS would anything show up on an ultrasound??

Also, my PCP seems to think that I am either having probs with my pancreas or one of my intestines...The pain I am having is over my intestines....Of course he also said it could be something gynological...who knows?! Just thought I would update you guys.


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Guest sonotech

Am not familiar with that medication, but I DO know that ultrasound cannot evaluate intestine due to bowel gas which is not "sound wave friendly'.

Ultrasound is VERY good at evaluating organs, so things like pancreas, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, and female organs. It can detect masses, cysts, and other physical abnormalities.

Pancreas is not always well visualized with ultrasound, so sometimes CT is better. It is also very important that you dont eat or drink for about 12 hrs prior to the exam.

If they feel it may be an intestinal problem then they might perform other studies.



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