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Sugestions For Surviving Moving??

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Hi folks.. I despreatly looking for suggestions for those of your who have survivied a move recently or not so recently.. all of the packing is pretty much laying on my shoulders...

I've been trying to do alittle bit at a time.. but I get half a box packed.. heaven forbid that lift or move it.. and I have to lay down and sleep for 4-5 hours! seriusly

since my infusion thursday i have felt really really bad.. and I've been in bed fo days.. and actually a few days prior to the infusion too).. But i'm wondering how on earth I am going to pack up all my stuff.. I have people to move it.. but I have to pack it!

my friend abby came up from warren this afternoon and helped me.. but I couldnt get up off the couch.. and i tried to help.. and she yelledat me to go lay back down!! lol.. (apparently I look like death warmed over according to her and my b/f)..

any suggestions would be appreciated.. I have so much to do this week that it is making me tired just thinking about it.. exhausted is more like it....

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Oh boy have I been there! In 2003, when I got sick, I somehow knew we were going to have to move... eventually. So I started packing. I would sometimes only be able to put 2-3 things in a box before going to lay down. Sometimes get a few things packed and just lay down on the floor.... It took a year before we were packed and got our mobile home sold.... But we did manage to make the move. I don't unfortunately, have any advice for you other than - take any help anyone offers to you!

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Sorry to hear you are not doing very well. I know its hard, but can you ask for help from your family, and friends to help in the move. Or if you are worried about asking for help is there any local companys that could help, like two men and a truck..... or other companys like that. Good luck with you move don't try to over due it so you don't crash.

Again congrats on the new place!


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Hi--no there really is no family around to ask--- aside from my beother he is going to move some stuff for me on wednesday..my friedn abby came up for the day yesterday.. but she lives quite a distance away-- most of my friends live an hour or further away.. or completel out of state all together...

I'll find a way to get it done though! I've waited to long for this apartment....

I'll let you know how it goes after i get moved...

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