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We're Ready To Print More Brochures

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Hi everyone!

We've raised almost enough to cover the cost of printing more brochures (provided we can print them at cost) and pay for postage (we still need more money for postage, but hopefully we will get a couple more donations toward this project).

In the past, Gena Stokes and Brenda Richardson were both able to arrange for us to get brochures printed at cost. (Thank you, ladies!) We are once again hoping that one of our members can arrange for us to get brochures printed at cost or donate a large enough amount that we can pay the full cost of having them printed if we can't get them printed at cost. So I am asking for your help again...is there anyone who can arrange for us to get 2,500 brochures printed at cost or with a discount?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help!


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Is it laminated priniting? By this i mean the glossy sort of paper you get in magazines. Please PM me your spending limit, or post it in the topic. I have a friend in the UK who owns a printing company. I just may be able to get a discount for you seen as its semi/full charity.

I need to know the paper type, how many pages per booklet, and do you want the pages printed on both sides. Also if its multi page do you need it stapled or glued so that the pages dont fall out.


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I'll be happy to get these printed again at the discounted rate I got for us last time.

Let me check with the printer to see if he can do it at the same cost. It always depends on paper cost at the time, as that can fluctuate.

I'll get back with you in a day or two. :)


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