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Blue Lips?

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I'm awake..getting ready to go into the hospital for an IV..and I tooke my Bp.. its low as usual..

and I'm feelin' potsy.. well look in the mirror.. and around my lips they are kinda blue looking...like where you would put lip liner-- and the rest of lips are that gross pasty white purlpely color... is this a potsy thing going on??

I have had blue lips in the past.. actually my whole face will turn blue on occasion..my parent witnessed this a few times and freaks them out big time..


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um thanks for the replys--i have an appointment to see my pcp in a few days..and am going to asak to be referred out to the cleveland clinic to see a pulmonologist... as I think that it might be my lung disease acting up.. causing me to turn blue...

i'll keep you guys updated

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Well it sounds like you are describing some sort of cyanosis/hypoxia. From what you are saying it sounds like you are not getting fresh oxygenated blood to the smallest blood vessels. My doctor always looks at the color of my lips to guage how I am doing. If they are pink, he knows I am doing okay. If they have no color or even have a cyanotic look like you described, he knows I am doing really poorly. I have never really had it badly in my lips, but my fingernails turn blue sometimes which is a similar indication of inadeqaute blood flow. But I would definitely bring it up to your doctor.

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