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Pray For Our Soldiers Please!!


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I am posting tonight asking for you folks to pray ---or for additional prayers_ for our soldiers in Iraq.. or whereever they are right now...

As I saw my brother last night.. (he is a soldier- a veteran at the age of 21).. he was very upset as 2 of his commrad's 2 of him friends were hurt during there second tour of duty thru Iraq.. (mind you they are 21 -23 and under..).. his one buddy was hit with shrap-nell (sp??).. and his other friend got hurt...(specifics are unknown to me right now).. only that this young man is now paralysed..

My brother (god bless him).. served his country and iraq and was not hurt (physically).. He was only 18 yrs old when he went over there to Iraq... he is now 21 (about to turn 22).. and he is incredible.. a very strong young man.. and very brave young man...

He just missed by one day of having to go back to Iraq last year. to serve another year if not longer. the day before is Unti recieved order to ship out.. he got his order that he was being discharged from the army.. and missed it by a day.. of that isnt god working I dont know what is..

But I ask b/c i know how I felt having my "little" brother over there... and the emotions that i went thru and that i imagine many of you went thru or are going thru.. to please pray for our soldiers!!

I watch the emotions on my brothers face last night and my heart was breaking for him...he knows better then anyone what they are going thru.. and the power of prayer in more powerful then some might think...

So I ask that you pray or send out good vibes what ever you do for faith and encouragement.. light a candle. anything.. for

My Brother_KEN

his 2 freinds of the 101st airborne--screaming eagles--one f which is home now and the other still in a hospital...

all of our soldiers and our soldiers families..

My brother is my hero..(he was long before he ever served in iraq.. that only added more pride and admiration)-- he is an incredibly strong young man.. who seen he (and I our) own kind of war zone long before he ever went to war.. and I'm so proud of him for many things..

So please light your candles--pray.. hang more yellow ribbons--whatever you do... my brother is still on active reserve duty for the next 3 yrs.. so he can be calld back up at anytime.. and this terrifies me..


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